January 24, 2018

The Judiciary Just Fired On Fort Sumter

Source: Wikipedia, public domain.

Unified Patriots by E Pluribus Unum

The Judiciary was designed by the Framers of the Constitution to be the weakest of the three branches of government. However, the journey from weakest to all-powerful began 10 years later with Madison V Marbury, when the judiciary granted itself veto power over any legislation, and nobody came with ropes to hang them. Had we only known then.

Over time they have come to virtually write legislation by the text their “opinions”. Classic case in point, every America who has ever watched a TV cop show knows that a cop has to read a suspect their “Miranda rights” before questioning them. Are Miranda rights a law? For all intents, yes. A law written by the Supreme Court in the 1966 case Miranda v Arizona. In recent years a single district judge (apparently) can stop any law duly passed by Congress, or any presidential act, simply by deeming it in-Constitutional.

Soft Power

However, this growing self-appointed power has always been Soft Power. No president before barack obama has ever flat-out disrespected a ruling of the Court, which he did repeatedly, and which the national press completely ignored. While individual judges have been impeached for misconduct, at no point has Congress or the President ever made good on a threat to impeach a federal judge for blatantly disregarding the Law and the Constitution in overruling the executive or legislative branches. [by the way, the famously cited Andrew Jackson story “he made his ruling, now let him enforce it”, is believed to never have happened]….

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