KAVANAUGH Breaking: Dems May Possibly Have 115 Witnesses Who Might Have Seen Kavanaugh Possibly Rape and Maybe Kill Mother Theresa

Photographers Unknown -JAF IMAGES
Photographers Unknown -JAF IMAGES


Unnamed Democrat sources today revealed they might produce 115 witnesses who could possibly testify that Brett “The Chisel” Kavanaugh maybe raped and killed Mother Theresa during a wild India sex party. “There was much dancing and drinking of raw capulco that night,” stated one of the 115 to our anonymous but highly placed source.

It is an indisputable fact that the Mother is in fact dead. This alone tends to lend credence to serious and very authentic Democrat charges.

Further,  “The Chisel” Kavanaugh has never revealed any connection to the Mother which seems to leave a defense out in left field, as Kavanaugh shoulders the new burden of these spectacular and very serious charges.

Democrats stated through an anonymous but respected source that their new witnesses coud appear as soon as December 25, 2018. “That way, “ our source said tearfully, “they can deliver a Christmas gift…to all…Personkind. Surely no one who is not a racist or homophobe, Islamophobe, or female-o-phobe would deny them this historic date.”

Our spectacular and credible source added, soberly, “Also, this way, Captain Jean Luc Piccard—United Federation of Planets—would have time to complete his Galactic investigation of The Chisel.”

Photographers Unknown -JAF IMAGES
Photographers Unknown -JAF IMAGES

Rest In Peace, Mother Teresa, known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta (26 August 1910 – 5 September 1997.)

Stay tooned.

Ignore the person behind the curtain.


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