July 21, 2018

Kelly Herron: A Courageous And Fortunate Young Woman

By: Mike McDaniel    For much of my life, I was a runner. Mrs. Manor and I participated in marathons and many other shorter runs, including the first ever run around the base of Devil’s Tower. As age caught up to us, and knees and hips no longer worked as enthusiastically and smoothly as they once did, we’ve switched to bicycling. In all those years, the running and bicycling press have scrupulously avoided one subject: properly protecting vulnerable runners and riders, often alone on long runs and rides in isolated areas. The occasional article spoke of the usual ineffective methods, such as sprays, whistles and the like, or the scourge of rapists and other assorted thugs everywhere: the cellphone. However, none told the truth, a truth particularly vital to women, as illustrated by the tale of Kelly Herron, a courageous, and fortunate, young woman. Fox News reports:

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