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It seems to me that Democrats and their lap-dog media are liars.

Democrats and their media no longer care about America and Americans.

They seem to be all about destroying—killing—America. They are about ruining Trump. They promote “patriotic” illegals over and above real Americans.

Everyone of us conservatives already knows this.

What bothers me more, and what I’m writing about here, is a mystery of how and why the remainder of America views these lying elites. How can they be seen as near demigods, mythic, glorious in truth, justice, and the socialist way?


“Liberal Big Media,”,, and JA FRIEDBERG IMAGES

The answer to America’s obsequiousness is simple: Americans are told by a global, propaganda juggernaut what to think. What to say. And how to behave. They are made to say and do things.

It’s their dictated “reality.”

BUT WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if the Democrats’ frightened, angry flocks of media-guided sheep lost their political attendants?

What if….


…If tomorrow, television news disappeared completely, the human mind would lose its mirror and chaos would ensue.

The minds of most viewers lack context, are satisfied with cartoons of reality, yearn for authorities, and will accept any version of ‘being informed.’

This is what the news is all about. The superficial mind clings to the news as a representation of what the mind is.

Take away that mirror and millions of people would enter a highly disturbing void….

…Some people would realize the degree to which they demand to be told what to think, what to see, what to assume. Others would simply spin into a deep confusion.

At bottom, most minds want to know what exists, even if the portrait is a total lie. A lie is better than nothing. “Give me something, anything.”

—Jon Rappoport,

It seems the sheep would lose their minds; lose what focus they have on a private “reality.” They would be forced on their own to confront the “evil” of Trump and all he does. The sheep would not have those electronic voices telling them what and how to think. They would have to face us conservatives directly.

Everything would have to suddenly become real, or—“uninformed”—they would fall off the edge of their world.

They would need a version of “reality.” ANY reality. And, if the talking heads were silenced, and Democrat fatwahs stopped coming down from on high, then, The People Would Want To Know.

But, liars and false leaders do not deal in Reality. Outside of a working Reality, nobody survives. In order to try and survive, therefore, any working reality will do.

What if Democrat mass-media and politicians were to suddenly go off the air, and all the voices just stopped? And took Reality off with them?

Can you hear the sheep bleating?

‘Give me THESE liars as leaders…and if you won’t do that, give me THOSE liars as leaders…’

People would be forced to fall back on their own knowledge and experience; their own intelligence and imagination. Their own creativity. Without unending commands from the Left—I can hear it now:

‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of the last newscast anywhere. Good night and good luck.’ Blackout.

If government’s media mouthpiece were gone, people would be forced to make up their own minds about government….

…or, in the age of President Trump, one could say, people would be forced to make up their own minds about the deep-state, non-patriotic, sell-out, operatives within government….

…And eventually, they would. And it wouldn’t be a happy moment, for government (deep-state operatives).

—Jon Rappoport


The “mass-media” didn’t become a Leftist propaganda juggernaut over night. It used to report the hardassed truth. It used to dig and search for truth, not just take dictation from Elite Masters.

There were giants in those days.

“Every act that denies or limits the freedom of the individual in this country costs us the … confidence of men and women who aspire to that freedom and independence of which we speak and for which our ancestors fought.”

—Edward R. Murrow

Edward R. Murrow, 1947,
John Cameron Swayze, 1948, “The news is the news.” –


Unlike the news of yesteryear’s Murrow or Swayze, the so-called, “news” of today is made-up.

It’s invented, to fit and carry forth a particualr narrative. A particular line of propaganda to be inculcated in an adoring Public.

Media have enslaved themselves to Leftists and the Democrat Party. “News” must be made to fit the desired narrative of the enslavers. The deliverers of news must be Mythic—attractive, unique, hypnotic in delivery, and seem reliable as demi-gods.

In this current era, the narrative seems to be, “Death To Trump,” and “Death To America.”

Simple enough.

But what the hell is this, and how the hell did it ever happen?

All of mainstream news…purports to be coverage of reality. Actually, it invents reality by establishing narrow context, selecting which stories are important, and twisting their meaning….

…Coming out of World War 2, US psychological warfare operators turned their attention to new conditions of ‘peace.’ They fed the population images and simulacra of distant peoples and places and cultures.

The premise was: there are billions of people Americans will never meet or come to know. We, the princes of psyops, have to give them pictures of who these foreign humans are, to align with US foreign policy (empire building).

Now, the psyop operators’ target has expanded to a significant degree.

The premise reads: there are billions and trillions of bits of information people will never be able to evaluate or organize. We have to tell them what all this information means. We have to shrink it down and frame it and paint shorthand pictures of it. Our pictures, not theirs.

Hence, the news….

…When, in the 1960s, various Asian philosophies and spiritual systems were twisted and reduced and re-cooked and distorted, for importation into the West, one of the underlying themes was: enlightenment comes by accepting What Is.

That was a psyop of major proportions, on the level of consciousness and spirit. It was aimed at the closing the door on the…creative impulse.

Accept What Is. Don’t try to change it. Surrender. Stop struggling. Then all your problems will disappear.


…The news and all its allied support systems are a reflection of the mind held in check, the imagination held in check. As such they are really meaningless….

…The myth of Prometheus is really an expression of self-limited creative consciousness seeking to break out and invent realities and worlds without end.

The fire Prometheus stole from the gods wasn’t merely “knowledge” or “technology.” It was the infinite creative force….

…The gods were already bored to death with their own powers. They had abandoned imagination. They had become tyrannical managers of humans….

…The Olympian gods were the News. They were the purveyors of What Is. They demanded allegiance.

The people chose to listen to the news from above.

They chose to abdicate [internal] expression and creation and instead worship an external narration of existence, a tired and bloated and worn-out and stench-ridden song emitted from Broadcast Central.

—Jon Rappoport

Therefore, what we have today is a primitive, superstitious, TV-watching tribe of True Believers. They have been made to believe that their reality of information comes from on high. That it is given them by unimpeachable sources who have special knowledge and are almost godlike.

The god, according to Joseph Campbell, can be in many places at once. S/he can be on a screen and in an audience at the same time. S/he can be in Philly but speaking from Los Angeles.

But the god must be hypnotic, mysterious, attractive, and inscrutably wise and informed.

Thus, the phenomenon of, say, a Rachel Maddow who has no real background in jounalism, but a net worth of some $20 MILLION USD. She’s described as uniquely interesting and “quirky.” She seems exactly what her sort of brainwashed sheep want to see.

These lost Americans have been taught a false reality by talking heads, and network executives, and politicians, practically since birth. They have never been able to break out and free their minds. If you tried to close down the source of their voices, they’d freak.

how do you convince Leftists they are wrong?

You don’t.

They have to convince themselves. And the only way they can do that is to break out.

They have to break out to be free. But they would have to be free to break out.

So. What is the answer?

At some point it all just has to go.

It all just has to be thrown out. The People must be left on their own.

Barring unforseen circumstances, I think we are therefore talking EMP, asteroid strike, solar flare, a national catastrophic cascade of events—or an international war.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual for the Democrat, Leftist media, pawns, and enforcers. Propaganda and lies-as-needed.


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