As a resident of Chicago for more than a half century and of the city itself for the last 30 some-odd, I’m drawn to stories about Chicago, regardless of where they appear. Dennis Byrnes’s piece in Weekly Standard on Chicago’s murder rate was no exception:

What have 85 years of uninterrupted Democratic rule and unremitting pro-gres-sive dogma gotten Chicago? Murderous gang wars with no armistice in sight.

This is a Chicago specialty: The city has had more homicides this year than New York and Los Angeles combined. As crime rates declined elsewhere, August was Chicago’s most violent month in 20 years. The more than 500 murders this year already exceed the 2015 tally. Over the July 4 weekend, someone was shot every 2.8 hours. The Labor Day weekend total was at least 13 people killed and 52 wounded.

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