The Latest: Trump Wins, NFL Caves

The latest developments tell a simple story; President Trump wins,  NFL Caves.

League commissioner Roger Goodell held a behind-closed-door meeting Tuesday night with NFL owners, league executives and select players to talk about the national anthem protests and especially, I’m sure, the effect its having on the bottom line.

There’s been massive cancellations and  refunds issued by major cable providers for ‘season ticket’ accounts,  attendance and TV ratings are down to the point where it’s becoming a problem, and fan anger is becoming palpable to the point where the networks are taking care not to turn the cameras on booing and gesticulating fans, although tuning out the sound of the booing and catcalls isn’t possible. Long time NFL sponsors like Campbell’s soups are facing boycotts from angry former fans.

While there were the usual innocuous remarks on the meeting, especially from the player reps who attended, it’s obvious that Goodell and some of the owners now realize what a serious mistake they made letting their pampered employees alienate  pro football’s core audience.

The day after  the meeting, Pittsburgh Steeler center Maurkice Pouncey announced that the entire team will stand respectfully for the national anthem this Sunday.

After facing backlash about standing in the tunnel during the national anthem last Sunday, Pouncey says the team will stand for the anthem.

“I promise you one thing, this week we will all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me,” Pouncey said.  This comes after the entire team stayed in the tunnel when the national anthem was played. And after  the one Steeler who did come out and stand respectfully for flag and country, former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva was viciously attacked by the Steeler’s black head coach Mike Tomlin.

The Green Bay Packers tried to have it both ways, standing for the anthem and linking arms, a gesture used before by teams like the Patriots to show ‘solidarity’ with the black players protesting. The Packers also tried to get their fans to link arms and made the expected remarks about unity, but for the most part that was a dismal failure, as even ESPN admitted:

Michele Steele @ESPNMichele

Vast majority did not link arms but many sang along w the anthem. Right behind GB bench a sign: “Shame on the NFL. Vets stand for the flag”

Their opponents, the Chicago Bears tried the same linked arms tactic.It didn’t go over much better.

The Dallas Cowboys are rumored to be the next team to stand for the anthem, although whether they’ll do the linked arms choreography remains to be seen.

After what’s already happened, I have my doubts most of the fans are going to put up with half measures. I’m not even sure reversing course and having players respect the flag and the national anthem can turn things around at this point, but we’ll see.

At any rate, it appears that once again, President Trump has a lot better grasp on how his fellow Americans think than people who supposedly get paid to know this sort of thing.

Or to use the short version, Trump wins, NFL caves.

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  1. Two days ago I stood in a cramped room along with a dozen young men and women and their families as they swore to protect and defend the Constitution of this country. I watched my only child, a kid I’ve known since he was the size of a jelly bean in my wife’s belly, swear to if necessary die for his country.

    As he did so I suddenly doubted whether this country is worth dying for. As the doubt rose in my throat like a lump I thought of these millionaire players and their billionaire bosses and wanted to ship them all en masse to die in some nameless sandpit in Afghanistan.

    I used to love this sport but quit watching it two years ago due to CTE and the NFL’s Big Tobacco-like refusal to accept medical evidence behind it. Now I actively despise it for how these clowns have behaved over the past few days.

  2. It is official, the NFL is playing for the wrong team. Left out of the conversation is the blessings that come with being American.

    Only in the United States can a child from the ghetto grow up to become a millionaire or billionaire. Such a blessing does not come about through one’s sense of entitlement, something which is ignored by whining misguided players, their coaches, team owners and Roger Goodell.

    How imprudent are these new members of the millionaire’s club to bite the hands that feed them, the majority of whom have never worked hard in their lives or served their country. Even worse, many are dregs of society who escape justice because they’re under the protection of the NFL.

    They’re on the clock. When athletes show up in their locker rooms before the game and walk on to that field at the beginning of the game, it is because they are on the job which is to play football.

    What other job is there where an employee can check in and then take a knee. The rest of working America would be out of a job for trying that. The same should apply to the NFL.

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