Reality confirms that a lawless government means a lawless people

Lawless Government Illegal immigrants illegal aliens illegal immigration

Progressive policies prove a proposition about lawless government: “You cannot have law-abiding citizens if you do not have law-abiding government.”

Three days ago I posted about trickle-down lawlessness in California, in the form of sanctuary city and state laws:

The fish rots from the head. At the very uppermost echelons in California, we see an unprecedented degree of lawlessness. And what’s unusual about this behavior is that those violating the law aren’t even trying to hide their conduct. They’re proud of it. They boast about it. They urge others to break the law, to “resist,” to fight on the streets, and all the other inflammatory rhetoric aimed at destroying respect for legal norms.

Yesterday, I distilled that long(ish) post into a Tweet:

And then I saw this Tucker Carlson tweet:

You cannot have law-abiding citizens if you do not have law-abiding government.

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