American Taliban’s lawyer: Intelligence community will destroy Trump

John Walker Lindh killed member of intelligence community CIA

James Brosnahan, the man who represented American Taliban John Walker Lindh, happily awaits the time when America’s intelligence community destroys Trump.

The Marin Independence Journal (as in Marin County, the uber-Leftist, hyper-affluent community north of San Francisco), reports on a talk that James Brosnahan gave to the Marin County Trial Lawyers Association. If Brosnahan’s name is familiar to you, it’s because he represented Marin’s homegrown Taliban, John Walker Lindh, who had a role in murdering CIA officer Johnny Spann in Afghanistan during the early days in that war.

Despite his close association with a man whom the CIA must revile, Brosnahan still has faith in the CIA. And where does his faith take him? To the belief that the CIA (and other US intelligence communities) will violate United States law by destroying a duly elected American president:

‘Trump’s not going to make it. He will not make it,” Brosnahan said. “This is America.

“Why is he not going to make it?” Brosnahan continued. “Because Joseph McCarthy didn’t make it. Trump has attacked everybody. You cannot attack the intelligence community, because they will get you. They are scary people. They do stuff.

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