Leaving Weasels No Place to Hide

Please enjoy this week’s submissions. They represent the finest examples as sought out and found by the Watcher’s Council and passed onto you as exhibit A in the quest to expose  weasels digging holes in your backyard. Many of the Weasels you are about to read about have been written about many times before in these pages. Some weasels are harder to stop than others

As the saying goes, “this has happened before and it will happen again”. That is unless you and I do our collective parts and pass these many fine articles onto others so the weasels have less and less cover; leaving them vulnerable to being outed by the very truth’s they seek to hide. No goal could be better or more important.

Please pass these articles on and make it impossible for the weasels in these pages to find a comfortable place to hide. Then come back on Friday to see which author took home the prize for the best in this class of articles for this week’s contest.

Until then…

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

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