[VIDEO] Finally recognizing Leftism is regressive, not progressive


Prager U has another good video out, about those regressive Progressives. This video comes from Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report. He’s a one-time Progressive who finally figured out that Progressivism is yet another Orwellian misnomer from the Left. I agree completely and will only add (because if I don’t toot my own horn, who will?) that I figured this one out almost a decade ago.

Back in 2007, I followed a slightly different line of argument because the Progressives hadn’t reached their ascendancy under Obama yet. We hadn’t yet had attacks on nuns, the purification of radical Islam, triggers, microaggressions, and the insanity of the Trump era protests.

That is, the Progressives’ fascist, authoritarian conduct hadn’t yet come to the fore. In 2007, we were still addressing the world of ideas. That’s how it came about that, I argued that the Regressives were endlessly fighting battles that actually ended decades ago, battles such as abortion, race relations, unions, and anti-war stances — and that they could keep their troops excited and engaged only by telling lies about both the past and the present.

Anyway, here’s the Prager U video, which is very good. You might also want to check out my old American Thinker article about those Regressives. The battles have shifted, but the mentality remains the same:

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