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Yet another Liberal Malady This one discovered by William Teach of Pirates Cove

The Editorial Board of the Santa Fe New Mexican has decided to take a stab at immigration issues, more specifically one specific refugee, while mixing its metaphors

The U.S. should be a welcoming place

Tighter U.S. security and greater scrutiny of foreign visitors are not stopping the world from coming to Santa Fe this weekend in a glorious show of global harmony.

Why wouldn’t peaceful visitors from across the globe come to the most welcoming, charitable nation on earth? What planet are these fools from?

The International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe is the antithesis of a U.S. that fears the world, desires to remain in isolation and keeps out Muslims and other “different” types of visitors and immigrants. What has happened in Santa Fe for the past 14 years — the coming together of master artists from all over the world — is a better version of the United States than one where foreigners are viewed as suspect.

Good Freaking Grief! We fear the world? We are isolationist? We want to keep “different” people out? How many drugs have these people done? WE are the most diverse, and tolerant nation on earth, yet, knuckle draggers like those on the Santa Fe New Mexican Editorial Board seem to have no clue. Here are some clues

The U.S. immigrant population stood at more than 43.3 million, or 13.5 percent, of the total U.S. population of 321.4 million in 2015, according to American Community Survey (ACS) data. Between 2014 and 2015, the foreign-born population increased by 899,000, or 2.1 percent, a slower growth rate compared to 2.5 percent between 2013 and 2014.

According to the 2016 Current Population Survey (CPS), immigrants and their U.S.-born children now number approximately 84.3 million people, or 27 percent of the overall U.S. population.

Just to be clear, here is more

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the United States accepted 1,062,040 legal permanent residents in fiscal year 2011, a number that has been fairly steady over the past few years. Of this number, roughly 45 percent were new arrivals and about 55 percent were people already in the U.S. whose status was upgraded to “permanent.”

Separately, the U.S. admitted more than 4.4 million people in 2010 on a long-term temporary basis, either for employment or study. This number does not include a much larger total (roughly 42 million people) admitted for shorter stays, including visitors for pleasure or short-term business.

We looked at immigration statistics from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a research group for advanced industrialized nations.

Using 2009 statistics, the only nation that came close to the U.S. in permanent immigrant inflows was Germany. That year, the U.S. had 1,130,800 permanent immigrants, compared to 606,314 for Germany. So the U.S. had numbers about twice as big. The third-place finisher, Spain, had 469,300.

Now is that indicative of an isolationist nation that wishes to lock out immigrants? Apparently the editorial board at the Santa Fe New Mexican thinks so. There is also this they missed because they cannot allow facts to interfere with their closed-mindedness

On the other hand, the U.S. does diverge from most of the rest of the world on the rights granted immigrants once they are made permanent.

“Where the U.S. differs from most European countries is that the immigrants we admit are generally eligible for full membership in society through naturalization, and that the immigrants’ U.S.-born children are automatically citizens with full rights,” said Jeffrey S. Passel, senior demographer with the Pew Hispanic Center. “Neither of these is generally the case in Europe.”

What backwards bigots we Americans are huh? But, again, none of this dents the metal plates in the heads of Leftist America bashers

As the folk art market was getting underway, this is what has been unfolding in Albuquerque. Kadhim Al-bumohammed, an Iraqi man facing detention and deportation, instead decided to seek sanctuary. Al-bumohammed, 64, had been told to report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials with a packed bag, likely to be sent back to his home country of Iraq. He has not lived there since 1994. His family believes he would face persecution in Iraq because he aided the U.S. military during the Persian Gulf War in 1990-91 and later taught language and cultural awareness at California military bases. In Iraqi eyes, he is a collaborator.

Al-bumohammed can be deported — he has misdemeanor convictions on domestic violence charges — and the U.S. is pushing to kick out foreign residents with any criminal black marks. Such a blanket action, though, does not leave room for human compassion or even for rewarding those who risked their lives to help our troops overseas. Al-bumohammed faces serious health conditions, including having limited kidney function. He takes oxygen because of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and must take medicine daily.

So, because he is a violent criminal he might get booted? I suppose the editorial board cannot fathom that certain crimes might cause a hosting nation to give someone the boot? Do they not believe a nation, any nation holds the right to say who enters their lands, and how long they stay? And what offenses might cause such allowances to be rescinded?

Here is what Mr. Al-bumohammed did to get on the radar of ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement Thursday that 64-year-old Kadhim Al-bumohammed (kah-DHEEM al-boo-MOH-HAH-med) was convicted in San Diego, California, in 1996 of a assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest in 1994.

The agency says Al-bumohammed also was convicted of domestic violence in Merced County, California, in 1997. ICE says that domestic violence made him eligible for removal under U.S. law.

Wait! What am I saying here? I forgot, Leftists do not believe in national sovereignty do they? Of course not. They believe in Collectivism, and a global society. They simply do not believe that a nation reserves a right to set standards of behavior for immigrants seeking citizenship, or asylum. Nations also reserve the right to say who may enter, and nations hold the absolute right to vet those seeking entrance. This seems pretty straightforward to me.  For now Al-bumohammed is seeking sanctuary at a church  in Albuquerque.

If the Santa Fe Mexican wants to argue for Al-bumohammed to stay, then let them make their case. But to smear an entire nation as isolationist and fearful of immigrants because they have immigration rules and try to enforce them? Spare me the fake outrage and hand wringing.

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