Leftist Jews, Leftist Judaism, And Too Much Of Each?

Why Now is the time to consider owning gold

I’m a born Jew and I’m through being polite with leftist Jews, Judaism, liberals, progressives, and all the other, lying distractions of a PC language in free fall. At my advanced age, my final message is set in stone, and I have to call things the way I see them.

As Rabbi Benjamin Blech states in his article, Keeping American Jews Jewish, published in AISH.Com, one of the Keys to the incipient demise of so-called, “modern Judaism,” seems to be:  

“Strikingly missing…is a sense of true spirituality. It is as if God has been excised from religion and Judaism ought to be seen as but another idealistic social program….”.

Yes, “God has been excised from” Judaism which has become just “another idealistic social program.”

God has been replaced by the State. Judaism has been replaced by liberal ideas, liberalism, pop-culture, and a Jewish slipshod desire to be loved and accepted by those who rule and deem to countenance them Those who give them a seat at the table. These are fake Jews whom Rabbi Blech almost names as such, but does not.  

The collapse of Judaism is a failure of Jewish rulers, teachers, instructors, rabbis, “wise men,” and leading, vocal or literary women.    


Go ahead, shout it.

But if it’s real, then it isn’t a “theory.”  

For thousands of years Jews have lived among goyisha rulers, maintained their apparent verbal contempt, but worked hard to be accepted, only to see the State, or State-sanctioned groups, turn, and persecute or kill them.

With a pre-packaged religion neatly recorded in their portable “Five Books,” Jews have always simply packed everything up, and sanctimoniously—with zero memory of past events, it seems—moved on. Only to repeat the deadly sequence.  

This is the pattern. This seems to be the Destiny of Jews.  

Except for the sovereign state of Israel.

But Israel itself has become the most recent and greatest victim of fake Jews, and rulers–of societally mislead and self-made liberals and socialists. Israel itself is being eaten away at its bleeding core. At this rate, it will surely die.  

What is the answer? What is the cure?

A State of Israel–armed to the hairline: willing to fight, willing to die, willing to conquer and prevail for its religion and precepts. A State of Israel, purged of liberals, one-worlders, and vaulting politicians—with itself unafraid.

Judaism is way over-analyzed. It’s way too scholarly. It’s been written and rewritten way too many times in ghettos, shtettles, and the New York Times Book Review.

What Judaism needs is a return to more ancient values, precepts, and dictates. Judaism needs a return to its naked soul; to its raw essence. Its bleeding core.

Judaism needs a return to its self—sans the accumulated, heaped-on “interpretation,” analysis,  and flowery, flowing, words, words, words

Judaism needs to awaken, name names, kick butt—say what it is and what that means.

Israel has as much “right” to existence and independence as any other nation on Earth.

Maybe even more so.  


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