The Left’s mindless references to Trump = Hitler are getting to me

Trump Hitler Heil Hitler

No matter what the news says, Proggies so reflexively equate Trump to Hitler, I suspect that in a decade or so, we’ll have an entirely new form of greeting.

When I’m on my real-me Facebook, I always check out what my Progressive friends have to post. I do this, not only because they are friends and I like seeing pictures of their children growing up, but also because it’s the easiest way for me to understand what the people in my uber-Left world are thinking.

I have to tell you that the Washington Post is very, very popular among that crowd. Reading the Post articles my friends highlight, though, is kind of sad. Mistakes, raw emotions, un-sourced hearsay upon hearsay, and hysterical hatred power so many of the articles my friends share.

These same articles also tell me that the Post got its new motto just a little bit wrong. Instead of “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” the Post’s motto should be “Creating the Darkness in Which Democracy Dies.”

Here’s what I’ve also noticed: My friends are apparently a higher class of Progressive, because they never actually say “Hitler” in their posts. However, without fail, when these friends put up an “oh, my God, can you believe how awful he is?” post about Trump, at least one of their friends will say “He’s Hitler.”

Trump thinks it would be nice, after 17 years of non-stop war sucking the life-blood out of too many in our volunteer military, to have a military parade. He’s Hitler.

Trump wants to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem because that has been the Jewish people’s capital for 3,000 years. He’s Hitler.

Trump fired Comey because, despite exonerating Trump to his face, Comey refused to exonerate Trump to the American people. He’s Hitler.

Trump boasts that, thanks to a strong, confident economy thriving on tax breaks and decreased regulations, African-Americans and other minorities have record low unemployment. He’s Hitler.

Trump points out that some illegal immigrants are dangerous criminals who wouldn’t have been here but for lax enforcement of existing laws, and that American citizens are Dreamers too. He’s Hitler.

Trump turns out not to have had an affair with a porn star named Stormy Daniels. He’s Hitler.

Trump jokingly says it was treason for Dems to sit on their hands during the SOTU, refusing to applaud a rising economy, low black and other minority unemployment, and the unity and power of the American people. He’s Hitler.

It’s gotten to the point at which, every time I see “He’s Hitler,” I think of the old Bart to the Future episode of the Simpsons. In that imagining of the year 2030 (not that far away now), Nelson Muntz’s catch-phrase “Smell ya’ later” has replaced “Good-bye.”

With that in mind, you can see why, based upon the mindless repetition I see in the comments on my friends’ Facebook posts, I can easily envision an America in which Progressives routinely greet each other by shooting their left fist in the air and shouting out “He’s Hitler.” It’s not quite “Heil, Hitler,” of course, but the rhythm and assonance are correct, and I associate both expressions with parties that believe society is best served when it is subordinate to total government control.

As those of us who pay attention to facts, not slogans, fully understand, the only thing that distinguished Hitler from the fascism that 1930s American Progressives so loved was that Hitler went for world domination and gas chamber genocide, rather than confining himself to dominating his own nation and using birth control, abortion, sterilization, and Jim Crow laws to effect a more humane, slow-motion genocide of blacks and other disfavored dark races. (Don’t believe me? Check out all the facts.)

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