LGBT special interests are planning ahead for a Clinton administration

The LGBT community is getting ready to swarm the White House in the event of a Clinton victory. As always, the focus isn’t on the individual (i.e., a black economist who happens to be gay) but is, instead, on sexual orientation first (i.e., a gay black man who happens to be an economist). To this end, a leading LGBT activist who had a high position in the Obama administration is leading a coalition of 30 LGBT organizations to gather resumes with which to deluge the Clinton White House.

The promise is that the resumes collected will highlight diversity, but the diversity required seems limited to superficial things, rather than to true differences in character, outlook, ability, and intelligence. But don’t take my word for it. What follows are a few choice quotations from the article that relayed this information.

The article makes it clear up front that LGBT groups are all in for Clinton because of the threat Donald presents:

Full disclosure: The Pride Los Angeles has officially endorsed Clinton for president, joining the other 11 members of the National Gay Media Association in taking this unprecedented step to ensure the progress of LGBT equality, rather than the roll-backs promised by Republican nominee Donald Trump.

You’ll notice that there is no hyperlink to the statement holding that Trump promises roll-backs. I find that telling because, as far as I can tell, the only thing Trump has promised is that the government will not violate the 13th Amendment by forcing Christians (and other religious people) to perform religiously objectionable services for gay people against their will. Even gay people — that is, rational gay people — understand that, in a free market, it’s a profound denial of liberty to use the coercive power of the government to force people into affirmative acts that violate their religion. Other than that, there’s no indication that Trump gives a hoot about the LGBT agenda one way or the other.

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  1. .
    MyPsychiatrist asked me if I ever talk to myself. I said only when I need good advice. When he
    called me a smart-ass, I thanked him because my Mother-n-law says I’m a dumbass.

    ~ WOW! Elite Banks ‘stunned/bewildered.’ HC has transferred $2Bil to a Qatar Bank!
    ~ Some say she’s bolting the US if she loses to escape federal prosecution!
    ~ Wow. Planning to go on the lam like a common thief after committing the crime. 

    This shows DT is the best choice, wanting great things for America, putting her interests 1st.
    HC puts Her interests 1st. She’d be stage 4 cancer on the US that began under BO.

    Jeremiah tells us to pray for our homeland’s prosperity, so that we may also prosper.
    HC wants to prey ON us, so She may prosper, harming America’s prosperity, while peddling
    her globalist agenda & her ‘Borderless Hemispheric Common Market’ desires.
    Is that what Americans are voting for?

    We can’t allow the scandalous Clintons back into the WH. Remember a not-long-ago impeachment, & the national damage done while trying to kick this bunch out? While the US fiddled & Monica misplaced a cigar, Osama’s posse learned how to steer jets.

    WLks has only reaffirmed the wisdom of that attempt. H&B are peas of the same pod. We
    can’t afford more scandal & quid pro quo, there’s too much Obama un-doing to be done.

    W.Grudem at Townhall is right, if you don’t like either one, vote FOR Trump’s policies.
    How one will govern, not past sins, is only thing that matters, isn’t it? HC plans to make
    US ‘borderless’ knowing migrants block-vote Dem. the US will be Demcrat FOREVER.

    A borderless country is no country at all, esp with IslamTerror the new norm & Americans
    the #1 target. Terrorists will enter en masse, w Sharia Law in tow.

    If you don’t want to save American sovereignty for yourself, do it for the kids. Do it for all who died, were injured or maimed for this country. Do it for Abe, who was murdered for preserving the country. All those fellas who suffered cold & hunger at Valley Forge.

    Or because you know national suicide is just as immoral as human suicide.
    We can’t accuse HC of Nat’l Homicide, if we approve it in advance by not voting for DT.

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