July 22, 2018

Live Nude Shakespeare!

credit: huffingtonpost
credit: huffingtonpost
credit: huffingtonpost

No, wait!  I don’t mean Shakespeare himself is nude, and he’s certainly not live.  Not for five or so centuries.  What I mean is…oh, just read on:

I’ve been involved in the arts virtually all my life. While theater is not my main artistic pursuit, I’ve been involved in most of the facet of production, including acting, set construction, lights, sound, directing and I’ve even written a few short plays. I’ve also played the guitar and/or bass in a variety of shows, and directed pit orchestras. Those experiences have given me a real appreciation for the craft, and for the brilliance of playwrights like William Shakespeare. That’s why I’m always dismayed by contemporary directors that try to improve on Shakespeare, particularly by trying to make it more “relevant” for modern audiences, by, for example, making the actors nude, as the Huffington Post reports: 

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