Making It Up as They Go Along

Welcome back Weasel Watchers! The Watchers Council has done another fine job of sorting through the week’s news to bring you the authors, opinion makers, bloggers and newshounds that expertly inform the public about the weasels of the world.

This week we have a fine group of winning entries. The first place non-council winner is Doug Ross at Doug Ross Journal with his expose of the fraudulence of the carbon offset market. Doug begins by noting the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) conflict of interest in a report assessing the scientific validity of the Kyoto Protocol. As you will see, these hucksters had plenty of financial incentive to hype and exaggerate an imaginary man made global warming crisis.

The report found that “carbon offsets” and “carbon trading” were viable ways to barter the right to pollute, because they would fund new forestry initiatives. But one critical detail was never disclosed in the report.

That is: members of the IPCC, such as Pedro Moura-Costa (above) and Gareth Philips, had major conflicts-of-interest. They owned, created and/or worked for businesses — such as Ecosecurities and SGS Forestry — that would directly benefit from the report’s conclusions.

In fact, the IPCC panel members’ companies were positioned to earn millions of dollars from the report. But the mainstream media did not report these conflicts and instead piled on the “global warming” and “carbon offset” bandwagons.


It all comes back to carbon offsets, the “global warming” scam promoted by the UN’s IPCC. And now, a group of scientists has formally petitioned the IPCC, asking that they cease and desist marketing the message that CO2 emissions relate to warming temperatures.

The scientists go on to renounce the unintended consequences of the UN’s position: that the policy of burning food (to produce biofuel) has driven food prices sharply higher and is causing hunger and deforestation in countries around the world (especially the poorer countries).

Once again we are met with the phrase “But the mainstream media did not report these conflicts and instead….”; a repetitive theme that exposes the malfeasance of the mainstream media, professional activists, hack reporters.

And Democrats are using these hacks to continue making it up as they go along (a symbiotic relationship of sorts, piling on lie after lie, perpetuating myth after myth).

On the council side we have Joshua Pundit providing another lesson in history about the Holocaust, tying that lesson in with the words of Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the empty theatrics put on by Western leaders that should have known better than to give Ahmadinejad an audience in the first place.

No, Ahmadinejad can’t be faulted for doing the same old material. The 20 odd Western UN delegates who theatrically walked out on him ? That’s another matter.

A number of Western leaders seem bent on doing collective impressions of Claude Rains’ famous Vichy French captain at Rick’s Place in `Casablanca’..they’re shocked, simply shocked.I can’t imagine why they would be.

Promoting a second Holocaust to make up for the one they claim never happened has been Iran’s position since 1979. It was, after all, Iran’s `moderate’ ex-president Rafsanjani who said that the problem of Israel could be solved by one nuclear bomb.

These same Western leaders voicing shock and dismay at the spectacle of Ahmadinejad ranting about destroying Israel can’t pretend they aren’t aware of all this. And they’re also fully aware that Iran’s denial of the first Holocaust is part of its arming of people like Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad and its pursuit of nuclear weapons to perpetrate a second one.

This is the regime whom people like Barack Obama and Robert Gates want to `negotiate’ with, thinking it’s going to stop with Israel and the Jews.

In a very real sense, the `Holocaust denial’ of the West’s leaders is much worse than Ahmadinejad’s. Because they have even less excuse for it than they did in 1938. They know that not only did it happen, but that it’s entirely plausible.And like the last time, they are doing absolutely nothing to stop it, aside from things like the theatrics we witnessed yesterday at the UN.

Yes, it is a common tactic of leftists, fanatics, despots and power hungry politicians to make it up as they go along. That is why we need you.

Until next time this is The Watcher Council, off to find others that help expose the Weasels of the World. Spread the word!!!

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