Why Do So Many Jews—INCLUDING SETH ROGEN/ROGAN—Vote Democrat? By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Jews Vote Democrat Because The Imagine It Will Bring Them Respect.

Original Photo Unknown, JAF IMAGES
Original Photo Unknown, JAF IMAGES

Why do so many Jews vote democrat?

Because this is a world and existence where we Jews are eternally strangers. So Jews vote democrat. Let me explain.

“I believe there is something out there watching us. Unfortunately, it’s the government.” (Woody Allen)

Staked out upon the brutal wheel of history, we Jews—those rascally, canny, clever, and successful Jews—Biblically damned—can be seen as hustling, rustling survivors, who have bet everything on red to win. And then upon rows and corners, and everywhere. And they have won big; and repeatedly.

They have a system.

They have an entirely portable religion and completed way of life. Systemically, technically, they are ready to be rewarded, used, praised, cursed—or to flee at any time.

With their Five Great Books, the torah, the talmud, their written laws and rules, studies, opinions, written musings and records of just…well…Everything they need.

To pick up and move—the records of eons always packable and ready to go. To move on. To move out. To be thrown out. To escape. Systems to live by—just take them with you.

Maybe it’s a mystic system, like in some ancient Babylonian temple. Of the Jews, gentiles say they can be smart and bold—sometimes—in subtle ways that may twist and turn all our realities.


You know.

But for we Jews ourselves, it is about something altogether different and primal. It’s about Survival.

Because survival is a matter of death. So, many Jews vote democrat.

That is all to say, the secret of Jewish survival, their success—their ability to coordinate themselves and their networks of apparent protective influence—is obvious.

First: liberal Jews have always bet upon no less than the power of the State, to preserve and protect them. They always work with It—the State. They work It. They want—and take sides with—whatever is perceived in any era as Respectability. Therefore, many jews vote democrat

Second: they, by ancient, scary traditions, and by mystical blasts on a rams’ horn—and by dire prayers from frightening, sacred texts lamented to a One and Vengeful God—they have bet upon an enchaining, mystical religion, to both “keep it holy,” and to sanctify and unify them against all others, throughout all of Time.


It’s about no argument. No questions.

Because—in their diaspora—their wanderings and bondages, and persecution over millennia, Jews realized their religion alone could hold them together. But it will not shield them from institutionalized violence and murder of Biblical dimension.

Because, the ancient Jews were traditionally, officially, and universally used—valued, loathed, and blamed—whenever a king or leader or enforcer needed a political distraction, or an excuse for whatever, or a helpless, hopeless scapegoat.

And, so—to save themselves—at any cost—they learned, and complied with, the vast, overwhelming, endless Power of the State; which could protect them from ANYthing—anything, at all.


Except from the Power of the State Itself…better to be on the State’s good side—no matter what that might be.

Therefore, in an inexorable apostasy: our so-called “today Jews” seem to have unconsciously replaced a once-sacred, over 3000 year old religion—with an obscene, servile, world-bloated adoration of The State—trite, in all its puerile largesse, riches, empire, steel panoply, and soul-killing enslavement. So, many Jews vote democrat.

The great Norman Podhoretz, in his masterful book, “Why Are Jews Liberals,” seems to conclude, therefore, that the Jews have only managed to exist through their adoption of “universalist” ideas—what some would call, Statist ideas—which supremely exist and shed their spoors mostly on the Left side of a stained table cloth.

We are talking civilly at table here, okay? No conspiracies of “Jew Lizard Masters From Space,” or the Rothschild Illuminati, or anything crazy, okay? We are just—for the moment—talking here.

Okay; here’s THE problem: even though pro-Jew and pro-Israel forces have moved to the right, the general population of Jews have not.

Why not?

To begin: the Hebrew Bible tells of the “ger tosha,” or, “the resident stranger.” Along lines of this iconic piece of mystical mythology, Jews are taught that they should not ever “feel at home,” anywhere.

You see, this is a world and existence where Jews are eternally strangers.

This is natural to the mystical, maybe over-intellectualized Jew.

We Jews are taught and feel intuitively that we are all strangers and estranged on this planet—Earth. We do not belong. Anywhere.


This is the normal condition and birthright of the Jew. S/he belongs to Nowhere, and can exist Nowhere.

That is—NOT without the Biblical benevolence and forbearance of the State.

So. By extrapolation, Who feels at home in America?

Well. Some Republicans and Conservatives feel at home here with America-As-Founded.

That is, the Constitutional Declared America-As-Founded.

NOT in the Obamanized Version, where—in reading the alternative news— everything is flipped so far upside-down by the left, so that we don’t even know where to pee, or what we can even say about every day, common, kitchen topics, like patriotism, or straight sex. Or about former President Barack Hussein Obama—his three, Arabic names—without maybe getting expelled from some “school,” or “ruined” in social media, fired from our job, or arrested.

So. It would seem that freedom and freedom of speech and good intentions are now all but outlawed and punishable. Maybe even punishable by death at some future point, if trends continue.

Maybe some don’t remember. But militarily decorated uncles, brothers, cousins, and fathers did not fight against the NAZI (National Socialist) Party, across Europe with Patton and freeze at the Battle of the Bulge, or in the sea at Omaha Beach, and fly B-17s through German flack (when “flack” meant death and not “spin”), so that a mostly unbidden Obama could “fundamentally transform America,” and wreak what has transpired.

So. Why would these Jews vote democrat—for something that is obviously not good for them any more than it is good for others?


Norman Podhoretz’s book seems to say, simply, that Jews do not vote their own interest.

Some speculate the Jews vote for their own view of themselves in a Matrix of “reality” they seem to have built. They crave Respectability.

So, they vote for an apparently outdated, outmoded world view that no longer exists—if it ever did. Jews apparently identify with those whom they seem to think are “just like them.” Strangers in this “strange land” of America; the downtrodden; the poor; the “Respectable;” and—why?

WHAT is all this about? Who are all these “wronged” victims of America as founded to whom many Jews apparently relate? The supposed, sensitive, worthy, respectable, poor but brilliant and worthy, fellow strangers in a strange land?

It’s generally agreed that Mr Podhoretz never actually answers this question in a single, comprehensive sentence.

Jeff Jacoby is a conservative journalist and syndicated newspaper columnist, and we have THIS, from JEFF JACOBY, in CommentaryMagazine.com:

“…Most American Jews…seem to have learned from an early age that to be Jewish is to be a liberal Democrat, [and that Jews vote democrat], no matter what. No matter that anti-Semitism today makes its home primarily on the Left, while in most quarters of the Right, hostility toward Jews has been anathematized. No matter that Israel’s worst enemies congregate with leftists, while its staunchest defenders tend to be resolute conservatives. No matter that Republicans support the Jewish state by far larger margins than Democrats do. No matter that on a host of issues—homosexuality, abortion, capital punishment, racial preferences, public prayer —the “Torah” of contemporary liberalism, as Podhoretz calls it, diverges sharply from the Torah of Judaism. As Why Are Jews Liberals? convincingly and depressingly demonstrates, the loyalty of American Jews to the Left [Jews vote democrat] has been unaffected by the failure of the Left to reciprocate that loyalty….

“…The longing to “be like all the nations” is a recurring motif in Jewish history. Baal worshipers in the time of the prophets, Judean Hellenists in the Chanukah story, 19th-century assimilationist maskilim, Jewish socialists enthralled by Marx’s classless Utopia, modern post-Zionists in quest of a non-Jewish Israel—down through the ages, in one way or another, innumerable Jews have fought or fled from Jewish ‘otherness’ and embraced ways of life or beliefs that promised to make them less distinctive. Given the cruelty and violence to which Jews were so often subjected, it is not surprising that many would seek to shed or neutralize their Jewishness….

“To be sure, loyalty to the Democratic party came naturally to Jews, with their inherited memories of a Europe in which emancipation had been a project of the Left and where reactionary anti-Semites had (usually) attacked from the Right. As Norman Podhoretz writes, that loyalty understandably intensified during World War II, when the most lethal enemy in Jewish history was ultimately destroyed by an alliance led by a liberal Democrat named Franklin Roosevelt….

…Yet American Jews remain what they have been for so long: unshakably Democratic and liberal. [Jews vote democrat.]

“This liberalism isn’t rational. It isn’t sensible. It certainly isn’t good for the Jews.

“But it is, as religions often are, deeply reassuring.

“It is reassuring for liberal Jews to believe that all people are fundamentally decent and reasonable, and that all disputes can be settled through compromise and conciliation. It is reassuring to believe in a world in which nothing is ever solved by war, so that military force is unnecessary and expensive weapons systems are wasteful. It is reassuring to believe that America is a secular nation, that God and religion have no place in the public square, and that no debt of gratitude is owed to the Christians who created the extraordinary society in which American Jews have thrived. It is reassuring to believe that crime is caused by guns, that academia is the seat of wisdom, and that humanity’s biggest problem is global warming. It is reassuring to believe that compassion can be achieved by passing the right laws and that big government can create prosperity. It is reassuring to believe that ‘tikkun olam’—healing the world—is a synonym for the liberal agenda and that the liberal agenda flows directly from the teachings of Judaism.

“Above all, it is reassuring to believe that Jews are no different from anyone else, that they are not called to a unique role in human events, and that the best way to be a good Jew is to be a conscientious citizen of the world.

“To be liberal, in short, is to be ‘like all the nations.’ It is a seductive and comforting belief, and American Jews are far from the first to embrace it.”

That’s apparently why Jews mostly vote democrat—liberal. They have in their ancient past developed a fully portable way of life. They crave respectability and work with the State for survival. They want to fit in. Or, unconsciously, they are always packed to flee with their way of life—to hide, run, escape, or just move on

The End…but a beginning?

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