Media Censorship

Dirty Harry, 1971, Warner Brothers and JAF IMAGES
Dirty Harry, 1971, Warner Brothers and JAF IMAGES

Media censorship is snowballing way outside the box. The protective box of the First Amendment. Why?

First one should comprehend this kind of word abortion was never intended for protection by the First Amendment.

Next, that Conservative sources are being shut down, and out, one-by-one. Conservatives and the First Amendment—therefore—are both being silenced and lost. Maybe forever.

When the grand media censorship Jihad is done and accomplished, only liberal media will remain. One set of programmed opinions.

Conservative articles, news, comments, and judgments will have been wiped from the mirror of public evidence.

It will be The View, on steroids., Jon Rappoport:

“The newspapers and TV news networks came to end of their rope. They had no solutions to their problem—so they went to Google, Facebook, and others, and said, HELP US. Meaning: Censor our competition.

“On one level, understanding censorship is that simple.

“These social media operations are richer and bigger than mainstream news. They could easily have said: “No, we like open forums and a wide variety of opinion, and we think people should be able to deal with ideas they don’t like. We stand for an open society, and we vigorously defend the 1st Amendment.”

“But they didn’t say that. Instead, they’re enacting bans and censorship. Why?”

Why? because these so-called, “social media” companies are part of a planetary socialist scheme to “perfect Humanity and creat One World—a New World Order.” They are agendized and driven by Marxist, socialist events and goals.

They are deeply inbred with like-minded controlling Government instrumentalities; with sovereign surveillance dominions; and with One World kingdoms. They are “no borders” mutants marching in lockstep to some communist anthem, impossibly promising everything to everyone.

All of these “social media” entities have had either direct or indirect Government funding and help. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others are all massively involved with a neverending surveillance of you.

In 1961, in his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned of a vast web spun by the US military and industry complex.

“Eisenhower cautioned that the federal government’s collaboration with an alliance of military and industrial leaders, though necessary, was vulnerable to abuse of power. Ike then counseled American citizens to be vigilant in monitoring the military-industrial complex. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

“…an alert and knowledgeable citizenry….” In my opinion, there is no “citizenry” any more—not as Eisenhower knew, and intended to say.

No. We have become a loose, dime bag of stepped on drugs, pornography, entertainment, “music,” sports, tattoos, fat asses, big tits, obscenity, illegal invaders, liberal zombies, and make-believe worlds.

There is no “alert and knowledgeable citizenry.” Not anymore. Unless you mean something relative to the latest drugs—or athlete, or porno flick, rap lyrics, celebrity obscenity, big-assed movie star, sex device, or newest chunk of liberal dogma to be slung by leftist “news” readers on TV.

Oh…for those you who…okay, look: Five Star General Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower, was commander of the Allied forces in World War II, 1939-1945. That was the one where we beat the actual, real Nazis, and the actual, real Adolph Hitler.

By the way, “NAZI” stood for, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. With emphasis on “Socialist.” Although today—for some god damned reason—wikipedia calls this socialist party a “far-right” group.

So—you see—wikipedia, along with social media, and all leftist media, engage in George Orwells’ Doublethink.

This is where, according to wikipedia , itself, “Doublethink is the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts…thus the person is completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction.”

Thus, wikipedia seems to have a Doublethought on Nazis, who describe themselves as socialists, but whom wikipedia calls “far-right.” Here one can see evidence of the utter, rampant, absurd, open insanity of liberals., Jon Rappoport:
“Anyone with a large online audience, who has strong opinions which resist and run counter to this new world vision, is considered an obstacle, and a target for censorship.

“[What is the…] intelligence/Pentagon vision? Endless wars; endless waves of migration engendering chaos; multinational corporations free to roam the planet, set up shop in hellholes, produce their goods for relative pennies, sell those goods anywhere with no tariffs, thus undermining local economies and centralizing economic power in fewer hands; the vast expansion of surveillance and censorship (which go hand in hand); widening poverty, which makes more and more people dependent on government…

“Social media censorship isn’t merely a bunch of knee-jerk liberals trying to stop ideas they don’t like. It is that, but it’s much, much, much more.

“Google and Facebook are nurtured creatures of the national security state.”

So—I would hope you see the simplicity of the Left: they must wipe out all conservative views; they must make the world physically dependent upon Government; they must keep their monstrous creation under the most encompassing surveillance.

And they believe they can do all this—with a little help from their friends.

…all for your own good…



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