The mainstream media muzzles President Trump lest people like what they hear

President Trump

Now that the media has discovered that people like to hear what President Trump has to say, it’s making sure to silence his voice.

In the run-up to the 2016 election, the media reported every single word that President Trump uttered. Every. Single. Word. It did so because its collective Leftist brain thought that, whenever he opened his mouth, he reminded his audience that he was so stupid and awful that he would be incapable of winning the general election.

So it was that during the primaries Trump got substantially more air time than his opponents. Part of this was because he said outrageous things of the type journalists can’t resist. More importantly, though, as shown in this clip from that obscene dim bulb, John Oliver, the media desperately wanted Trump to be the Republican candidate, on the theory that he could not possibly win:

Once Trump became the official Republican candidate, the media again breathlessly reported his every utterance. It was inconceivable to them that people — even those mouth-breathing conservative people the media so disdains — could listen to Trump’s sometimes elliptical, shorthand way of speaking and to his “bizarre” messages (patriotism, national security, pro-energy, pro-Israel, anti-political correctness), and actually want the man to be president. After all, how could anybody after listening to Trump not want this in the White House?

Or this?

It was something of a shock to the media when it turned out that the American people understood Trump and wanted him to make America great again. As Salena Zito so beautifully expressed it shortly before the election, “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

Trump voters understood that President Trump was not going to build a new Auschwitz in North Dakota — but he was going reinstate American sovereignty over her borders and make sure that this claiming refugee status weren’t intent upon America’s destruction.

Trump voters understood that President Trump is not a fanatic Christian who will recreate Margaret Atwood’s risible Handmaid’s Tale, but is instead someone who believes that it is not the government’s job blithely and prejudicially to impose on religions policies antithetical to their core doctrines.

Trump voters understood that President Trump is not a war monger, anxious to colonize the entire world (quite the opposite in fact), but that he knows, as all sentient beings should know, that the best defense against the world’s evils is to present a strong offensive posture.

And so it goes on every issue, with Americans having listened seriously to Trump the candidate and understanding that President Trump would not be Hitler but would be, instead, a return to the common sense policies that had seen prosperity at home and some sort of stability abroad.

Media figures still haven’t understood what President Trump is actually saying. They have figured out, however, that ordinary people, not those immured in academia or the media, understand what he’s is saying and they like it. The only response, under those circumstances, is to silence the president.

News outlets still report on Trump, of course, but they don’t report on anything substantive that he says. Indeed, just today, Scott Adams put together a few lists, one of which shows what Trump has actually done and another of which shows the things about which the media obsesses. Here is that latter list:

Unproven allegations of Russian collusion with Trump campaign.

Trump claims he invented the phrase “prime the pump.”

Trump tweeted a warning that Comey better be careful what he says because he might have been taped in the White House. But such recordings haven’t been confirmed. Or denied.

Critics say Trump is crazy.

Trump claimed his campaign had been “wiretapped” by Obama, but it might have been only incidental surveillance. Or not. We’ll probably never know.

Critics say Trump is a loose cannon.

Critics say “words matter” and Trump is careless with words.

Trump’s approval rating is abysmal.

There is “chaos” in the White House

Trump doesn’t study topics in detail.

Trump might fire people on his staff for various reasons.

There is in-fighting with Trump’s staff.

Trump got two scoops of ice cream when others got one.

Trump threatened to end press briefings but probably didn’t mean it.

Trump is influenced by whoever gives him the latest article that is sometimes fake news.

Trump calls the mainstream media fake news.

Trump has criticized the courts, judges, and anyone else you are not supposed to criticize as a president.

Health care didn’t get passed on the first try. And still needs work.

Trump will be impeached or jailed any day now for whatever.

Trump keeps relying on trusted family advisors such as Jared Kushner and Ivanka.

Trump fired Comey as both sides wanted, but his timing raised suspicions, and he talked about it wrong in an interview. Also didn’t coordinate with his communication staff.

Trump says things that do not pass the fact-checking.

Trump doesn’t realize that his business skills don’t translate into government. (This was the same reason people said he couldn’t win the election.)

The above list is comprised almost entirely of gossip, speculation, conspiracy theories, obsessing on throwaway lines, and assiduously avoids any substantive, more detailed statements President Trump may have made. Perhaps Trump has been completely silent but for a few tweets and his “fake news” spat. Except that’s not true at all.

While President Trump thankfully is not the omnipresent media figure Obama was, especially since the talk shows have essentially barred him, at the very least, Trump has been making a weekly address to the nation:

As the most recent example, above, demonstrates, Trump is making substantive, rational reports directly from the Oval Office speaking about our nation. No wonder the media ignores them. Indeed, there’s a great deal of substantive information directly from Trump himself on the White House Facebook page, all of which the media ignores.

Those Americans who remember to turn to Twitter and Facebook are able to see the quality of President Trump, for better or worse. However, for those Americans who don’t tune in to social media, the media is obsessively careful to muzzle President Trump, ensuring that his surprisingly powerful (although often elliptical and sometimes cryptic) utterances never make it to televisions, print media, or mainstream media web sites.

For conservatives who believe, as Scott Adams does, that President Trump’s actual accomplishments are substantive and deserve to be praised, it’s not enough to counter the media’s narrative, all of which focuses obsessively on anything but Trump’s words. Instead, to the extent we have our own social media and blog ability, we should be making sure that people hear Donald Trump unfiltered. As we learned in 2016, after all, he’s a damn fine communicator.

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