Mexico: AMLO in sheep’s clothing

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, best known as AMLO, is running for president of Mexico.

The thing is, communism doesn’t sell, so he’s wearing moderate clothing,

Mr. López Obrador does not seem to have given up on his dream to revive Mexican corporatism, in which government intervenes heavily in the economy. But he does recognize that his economic instincts are a liability in a national election. So he’s playing them down and marketing himself as a moderate who will defeat crony capitalism and champion social justice.

The promise to fight corruption strikes a chord with Mexicans, and Mr. López Obrador leads with a plurality in early polling in a race that is likely to feature more than three candidates.


But he has two important vulnerabilities. First, there are major contradictions between his economicagenda and the aspirations of the young nation. Second, he is not always viewed by Mexicans as the squeaky-clean messiah he makes himself out to be.

Oh, that.

Remember the 43 missing Iguala students?

Residents of Iguala told La Opinión that the gang moved into the town only after José Luis Abarca became its mayor with Mr. López Obrador’s backing. One local told La Opinión that Mr. López Obrador ignored warnings from townspeople that Mr. Abarca had ties to the cartel.

As if that were not enough, AMLO has proposed amnesty for drug kingpins in exchange for peace with the cartels.

The election is in July. What could possibly go wrong if he wins?

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