Mexico: Vicente Fernandez {hearts} Hillary

Hugely popular singer Vicente Fernández (Chente to his fans), idol of the Mexican working class, momentarily suspended his retirement to take on a commission from the Clinton campaign to write a corrido for Hillary out of his devotion for her possibly large stipend, but who knows?

After taking to Chente’s musical director (wait, wasn’t Chente retired?) last week Chente’s songwriter was so inspired by Hillary that he adapted the song Los Mandados in half an hour, and, presto! here is the result, in full bloom and video production values:

With all respect, today I make public my support of Mrs. Hillary Clinton. This is for defending my Mexican and Latin American brothers and sisters.”

I can’t wait for Chente’s youngest son, Alejandro, to follow suit, especially if he wears those tight trousers he favors. 

I also wonder what Chente would say if, for instance, Bruce Springsteen made political videos favoring a Mexican presidential candidate.

In one of those happy coincidences, on the same day another video of celebrities endorsing Hillary was released. Like the Chente video, it preaches to the choir.

Hilarity ensued:

Read the rest here.

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