Mid-Week Weasel: BBC and Amnesty International Team Up to Accuse Israel of War Crimes

No surprise here. Amnesty International released a report claiming that Israel committed war crimes against the Palestinians in the 22 day offensive at the end of last year. The BBC reported the alleged crimes in an article titled “Amnesty details Gaza ‘war crimes'” by citing the findings of the “independent human rights report” in an effort to further the propaganda being peddled by international leftists.

Israel committed war crimes and carried out reckless attacks and acts of wanton destruction in its Gaza offensive, an independent human rights report says.

Hundreds of Palestinian civilians were killed using high-precision weapons, while others were shot at close range, the group Amnesty International says.

First things first, using the term “independent ” is another one of those trick words as if “independent” implies objective, honest and fair. However a simple reading of the BBC report underscores the lies in the report.

First the setup:

The 117-page report by Amnesty International says many of the hundreds of civilian deaths in the conflict “cannot simply be dismissed as ‘collateral damage’ incidental to otherwise lawful attacks – or as mistakes”.

It says “disturbing questions” remain unanswered as to why children playing on roofs and medical staff attending the wounded were killed by “highly accurate missiles” whose operators had detailed views of their targets.

Yes disturbing questions certainly need answers. But we actually get the answer in the BBC report although it is hidden behind another lie.

Human shields

The Amnesty report says no evidence was found that Palestinian militants had forced civilians to stay in buildings being used for military purposes, contradicting Israeli claims that Hamas repeatedly used “human shields”.

However, Amnesty says Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups had endangered Palestinian civilians by firing rockets from residential neighbourhoods and storing weapons in them.

It says local residents had in one case told researchers that Hamas fighters had fired a rocket from the yard of a government school.

The Israeli military has repeatedly blamed Hamas for causing civilian casualties, saying its fighters operated from buildings like schools, medical facilities, religious institutions, residential homes and commercial premises.

In the cases it had investigated, Amnesty said civilian deaths “could not be explained as resulting from the presence of fighters shielding among civilians, as the Israeli army generally contends”.

So you see the rub here. These idiots at Amnesty International, with the help of the BBC, have just redefined the term human shield. Imagine the children in the school telling the Hamas terrorists to leave their schools. What is there to resist? Somehow Amnesty International has found a way to report that there is no evidence of Hamas using human shields even though they themselves reported that Hamas did indeed fire rockets from residential neighborhoods and schoolyards; which is by definition, using human shields!

Think the logic couldn’t get more twisted? Wrong.

The report gets more anti-Semitic as it goes on as the platform provided by the BBC cherry picks the Jew Hater report to claim that Israel is the party using human shields.

However, Amnesty does accuse Israel of using civilians, including children, as human shields in Gaza, forcing them to remain in houses which its troops were using as military positions, and to inspect sites suspected of being booby trapped.

It also says Palestinian militants rocket fire from the Gaza Strip was “indiscriminate and hence unlawful under international law”, although it only rarely caused civilian casualties.

Hamas leader in Gaza Ismail Haniya declined to comment on the Amnesty International criticism, but said: “We believe the leaders of the occupation state must be tried for these crimes.”

Get this? Hamas isn’t using human shields by firing from residential houses and schools but Israel is using human shields by searching those houses suspected of containing terrorists and weapons? This is how low, deceitful, dangerous and complicit the mainstream media and supposed “independent” groups are as they take on the propaganda war against Israel.  But how can we be surprised? This is the pattern nowadays. They are taking their lead from other lefties and international bodies that wear their anti-Semitic, racist, hatred of Jews on their sleeves.

As for the report you can read it yourself via the link provided at the top of this post. Amnesty International dedicated 66 pages detailing what they consider to be Israeli war crime, followed by 10 pages that pretends to cover the “conduct of Palestinian Armed Groups”. Of course part of that 10 page synopsis contains a section on the rational for firing rockets into Israel as told by the terrorists.

In their statements, leaders and spokespeople of the political and armed wings of Hamas and other Palestinian groups generally say that rocket attacks against nearby Israeli towns and villages are launched in response to killings of Palestinians and other attacks by Israeli forces in Gaza or the West Bank or in response to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. At times they mention specific Israeli attacks or assassinations of their leaders or militants, or refer to Israeli attacks or other abuses in general.

I suppose AI had to put this statement in where they did. Otherwise their 10 page coverage of Hamas might have been reduced to 8.

During WWII Joseph Goebbels used propaganda as a tool to in it’s mission to exterminate millions of Jews. It is no different today as the offensive against Jews continues with the help of government supported humans rights groups and state run media organizations that team up to paint a one sided picture in a collaborative attempt to bring Israel to her knees. Weasels one and all.


Soccer Dad notes that the BBC/Amnesty International collaboration occurred on the same day that Human Rights Watch launched it’s salvo against Israel with the same sort of claims. Coincidence? Doubtful.

That didn’t prevent the New York Times from picking up the story, which coincidentally maintained it’s record of pro-terrorist propaganda with it’s unquestioning platform for pro-Hamas activists.

Yesterday the New York Times reported on a recent Human Rights Watch report that claimed that during its campaign in Gaza Israel killed 29 civilians in six separate attacks.

Twenty-nine civilians, including eight children, were killed in what appeared to be six missile strikes by Israeli drones in Gaza in December and January, according to a report released Tuesday by Human Rights Watch. The group questioned whether Israeli forces had taken “all feasible precautions” to avoid civilian casualties.Israel’s military has never acknowledged using the remotely piloted planes to fire missiles. In a statement released Tuesday, it said that it had used an assortment of weapons and technologies to minimize the risk to Palestinian civilians.

There are two obvious problems with this report. The first is that Marc Garlasco wrote the report for Human Rights Watch. Garlasco doesn’t have such a good record when reporting on Israel. Yet the New York Times fails to acknowledge his spotty record.. Also the Times cites PCHR uncritically. Anyone who has been reading Elder of Ziyon recently knows that PCHR is not reliable.

When Elder of Ziyon, looked at the report itself, he showed why skepticism towards Garlasco and he PCHR was warranted – HRW’s report was riddled with inconsistencies and falsehoods, including the identification of dead terrorists as civilians leading him to conclude.

However, HRW either ignored evidence that some of the “civilian” victims they are talking about were actually terrorists or it didn’t do any reasonable research (typing the names into Google should have been enough.) This is either sloppy work or it is purposeful deception on HRW’s part.

The NYT story on the HRW report concludes:

P. W. Singer, the author of a recent book on military robots called “Wired for War,” said Israel might also be finding that using the drones “certainly raises the bar of expectations.””Because you can target more precisely, people hold you to a higher standard,” he said.

This is perverse. Israel’s being singled out because of HRW’s animus towards Israel.

Watcher’s Council Member Mere Rhetoric also picked up on this farce:

So let me understand this. Human Rights Watch, which is staffed in part by pro-Palestinian activists, produces inaccurate reports “discovering” that Israel commits war crimes…

The IDF on Tuesday questioned the credibility of a Human Rights Watch report which claimed that Israeli attacks with guided missiles fired from aerial drones killed civilians during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza earlier this year. The 39-page report, “Precisely Wrong: Gaza Civilians Killed by Israeli Drone-Launched Missiles,” detailed six incidents resulting in 29 civilian deaths… The IDF said the report appeared to be based on “unnamed and unreliable Palestinian sources” whose military expertise was “unproven.” “It’s strange that despite the great efforts that the IDF made to avoid harming civilians,” the army continued, “the organization decided to ignore these statistics and to base the information it presented on Palestinian testimonies.”

… of exactly the kind used when the Islamic world launches one of their periodic legal wars on Israel…

The world’s largest Muslim body will accuse Israel of committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians, according to a draft of the final communique of an Islamic summit in Senegal seen by Reuters on Friday. “The conference denounces the current and increasing Israeli military campaign against the Palestinian people and the serious violation of human rights and war crimes including the killing and injuring of Palestinian civilians,” the draft said. It called Israel’s “collective punishment of civilians” in Gaza a violation of international human rights law and said “the occupying forces must be held responsible for these war crimes”.

… and then they cite those biased reports as reasons that Saudi Arabia should give them money?

In May 2009, leaders of Human Rights Watch (HRW) visited Saudi Arabia… to raise funds for the organization. Arab news reported that “senior members”… attended a “welcoming dinner” and encouraged “prominent members of Saudi society” to finance their work. HRW’s anti-Israel obsession was stated as the major reason for holding this Saudi fundraiser: “The group is facing a shortage of funds because of the global financial crisis and the work on Israel and Gaza, which depleted HRW’s budget for the region.” Whitson’s appeal for Saudi support and money acknowledged and cited HRW’s anti-Israel focus extensively, claiming that “Human Rights Watch provided the international community with evidence of Israel using white phosphorus and launching systematic destructive attacks on civilian targets.”

Admittedly, that’s a bit suspicious. But as long as their need for cash isn’t coloring any of their reporting, I guess it’s legit.

Like I said, no surprises here.

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