Most Americans seem to think life is a Hollywood script

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Capone and Gatesy - Jaf images -

An Original Article by Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – AI Experiment 51

I have regrets in saying this, but most Americans seem to have been taught to engage in a certain way of thinking that just does not match Reality.

Most Americans seem to think life is a Hollywood script, and is supposed to work a certain way. That there are certain “truisms,” like Truth, and Justice. That all women are sacred. That elections matter. That people are basically “good.”

That writing about certain things in a polite, analytic manner is a way of “fighting clean,” as opposed to “dirty.”


Well…what if I told you “fighting clean” is the way you’re required by “dirty forces” to behave? Because they’ve co-opted you and control your brain.

And what if I told you that “fighting dirty,” is the Way of Truth and a Clean Reality.

And that by fighting “dirty,” you’re really fighting “clean.”

The Left has us trained to view a certain version of Reality. Theirs. We’ve been taught almost from birth by TV, stories, movies, entertainers, and “humor” chosen by some goddamned Liberal to warp you further. The “wisdom” of athletes, singers, politicians, and Presidents. We’ve been expertly instructed and twisted in PsyOps that distort and distract us from the Truth. What’s real.

We’re constantly distracted by a seeming need to obsessively engage in repetitive behavior. Even if doing the same exact thing over and over and expecting different results is by definition psychotic. Their version of Reality is why nothing seems to make sense. It’s what they seem to want and have trained us for. And we Obey.

Kids: it’s not Real. Facts are NOT “nuanced.”

For instance, they seem to want us thinking UFOs—for one thing—are real and not just advanced Earth military hardware. A UFO always has a “story.” A UFO is always “good” or “bad.” It always comes with some sort of message or ending or duty we “must” take on.

Kids, if any alien race had the power and means to actually travel here from some wayyy distant planet, then they wouldn’t actually need to come here. Not for anything. They would already have everything.

There are billions upon billions of Galaxies, planets and stars. There are more galaxies in the visible universe than sand on all the beaches of planet Earth. There are uncounted tons of minerals, water, gas, ice, food stuffs—ANYthing you might require, all for the taking—elsewhere than on Earth.

There’s no reason for “aliens” to come here.

There’s no reason for alien wars depicted in movies and on TV. There’s no need for all the “Hollywood, BANG! BANG and SHOOT! SHOOT!

To conquer another planet all you’d really have to do is tip an asteroid down into it, and KABOOM!

No. Other than the Asteroid Belt and its minerals—which are also found everywhere else—we have NOTHing such aliens could possibly want.

In fact, if Hollywood aliens really did land on the White House lawn we’d have to yell at them: “WHAT the hell do you want?” And, “Get the hell off the lawn!”

But that’s not what Hollywood tells us we must believe.

Or how Hollywood and the Elites allow us permission to “analyze” and “comment” and “write” about current events.

We are REQUIRED to do these things a certain way.

We are REQUIRED to be polite, non-confrontational, and permissive. These are the rules, and anyone prominent who does not follow them fully can be destroyed.

Ergo to be published and widely read it seems one must almost always play by rules of the Left. And Hollywood. And TV. And entertainers. And athletes, politicians, and Presidents. One must Obey.


It’s a game. A show. Make believe. Unicorns and Rainbows.

It’s not real.

It’s meant to keep you thinking a certain way and hoping.

Thinking whatever way “THEY” want you to think.

Whatever the controlling powers of any era deign to be the “reality” they want you to live in and obey.

Nothing has changed.

This is old stuff.

Fer chrissakes, this stuff comes from the distant past.

In fact, at one point even the ancient Greeks actually banned rhapsōidoi or performers from certain poems, songs, and stories because they were too much of a DISTRACTION from “Truth.”

When ancient kings put their profile on a coin, or bragged on stone cut with hieroglyphics, they were engaging in politics, propaganda, or the “news” as they wanted it perceived.

BlackOps, False Flags, and The Big Lie are nothing new.

We live with bullshit today. All day. Right now. Everywhere.

And these same ops are designed and propagated to keep us tame, and in good herd-order. Ready for whatever our “leaders” see as coming “next.” Ready for whatever we are designated by them to Best do and serve their needs.

Ready for whatever we are supposed to do.

Kids. You are warned.

Peer through the screens of distraction, entertainment, and Reality.

These “screens” are  everywhere. They pollute everything.

But you have the ability to see through them. Facts are Reality.

Don’t play the game.

Be smarter.

After all, these so-called, “smart Elites” seem pretty damn dumb.



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