[MUST SEE VIDEO] James T. Harris on Obama’s pathetic, divisive legacy

I think I’m in love. No, really. I’d never heard of James T. Harris before watching the video I embedded below but I’m an instant groupie. I love it when people use plain English to cut through the lies and the misdirection on order to reach core, principled issues that are far deeper and more important than skin color or gender identity — and that’s exactly what Harris does. He bills himself as “The beautiful man” who serves “cocoa conservativism” daily and, so far, I have to agree with his self-identification.

The starting point for the rant is the speech Obama made to the Congressional Black Caucus telling them — and blacks across America — that blacks need to vote for Hillary to preserve Obama’s legacy. Harris takes wonderful umbrage at all the many ideas that Obama bundled in that demand, from race relations, to the quality of black lives during the Obama administration, to the Black Lives Matter movement, and much more.

By the way, Harris’s wonderful rant has struck a nerve. Harris posted it on Facebook this past Monday and, in just seven days it’s had ten and quarter million (you read that right — ten and a quarter million) views, along with hundreds of thousands of likes and shares:

To see the video, please go here. You won’t regret it either. It’s a wonderful video.

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