Must See Video: Tommy Robinson Takes Apart Daily Mail ‘Journalist’

Whatever else you might think of Tommy Robinson, he’s no coward. Here he literally takes apart a sleazy ‘journalist’ named James King, who is a photographer and/or reporter for the UK Daily Mail.

King  tracked down Tommy Robinson and his family in Tenerife, where they were on holiday while Tommy Robinson recovered from his hideous ordeal in prison. But Tommy confronted him, and uploaded this video of their confrontation, which is an absolute delight to watch.

Notice how James King dodges answers to Tommy’s questions and shows his ignorance at every turn as Tommy catches him in one verbal trap after another. King is simply a media whore doing whatever his bosses tell him and writing whatever they want. Just watch:

(video courtesy of Vlad Tepes)

I especially like the parts where (a)Tommy Robinson shows that the reporter knows zero about Islam and the Qur’an (b) When he asks the reporter if he thinks it would be a good thing if Britain were to become dominated by Islam in the next twenty or thirty years and gets no answer and (c) When Tommy accosts this media whore and asks why he’s tracking him down and taking pictures of him, his wife and his kids, something that could potentially put them in danger. During his ordeal in prison, Muslim prisoners were allowed to go to the doors of his cell and taunt him repeatedly about how his wife was going to be gang raped and his kids killed.

Bulldog Tommy then asks him if it’s OK if he were to bother the reporter’s parents the way his parent’s were by the Daily Mail, and to take pictures of the reporter’s wife and kids and track them down on vacation.

When the reporter replies he’s not a public figure, Tommy Robinson simply replies, “You are now, mate.”

And he’s right,of course. Tommy Robinson has millions of followers, subscribers, and fans, And James King’s face will soon be well-known to them. When he goes back to Britain, he’s going to be recognized and confronted.Some of them might even recognize him on the street, at the market, or who knows where and directly confront him. This is exactly what media whores have done to Tommy Robinson over the last nine or ten years.

Here’s another screenshot of King, just for good measure:

Image result for James King Daily mail reporter

While not all journalists are enemies of the people as the phrase goes, , swine like James King most assuredly are. And they need to be confronted and shamed.

There’s a penalty for deliberately deceiving the public, especially when that deception has serious consequences, as it has in Britain and other countries, not least the U.S.

Collaboration has its costs.


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