Myths, Myths, and More Myths

I attended graduation ceremonies for two local high schools this week. It was a proud moment for everyone in attendance; especially when the moment was about the accomplishments of the young adults. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

I was up in the very front of the line in order to get some pictures of the kids as they walked into the ceremony. All was going well when one of the parents thrust her way through the line to get a video of her proud graduate. She yelled to him, “hey (kids name), smile for the camera”. At that point the young adult flashed his mother the peace sign and yelled “Peace in the Middle East!” Mom yelled, “shoot, I missed it, let’s try again”.

The young graduate backed up into the line and reiterated what he had taken up for a cause on graduation day, flashed the peace sign and yelled “Peace in the Middle East” once again before he disappeared back into the sea of graduates. This time the proud mother captured the video that had been planned and smiles were everywhere; the world was going to be a better place.

Normally I would ask the two what Middle East Peace meant to them, but this wasn’t the time or the place. Besides, I already knew. Our schools are filled with young impressionable children that are being taught that Middle East peace can be achieved if only the Israeli aggressors would stop victimizing the hapless Palestinians. That is one route to peace being taught in our schools today. This comes saddled with the side note that the armies of the imperialist mother country here in America must stop supporting Israel in their violent ways, apologize to the world for it’s own aggressions, atone for Iraq and stop meddling in places where it doesn’t belong. All myths that are often taught to the Obama acolytes for the duration of their schooling.

This weeks winners take on these myths. Non-Council winner Michael Trotten discusses the myth of linkage in The Mother of All Myths. This myth is centered on the premise that Middle East peace can be achieved if the Palestinian conflict were solved.

Dennis Ross, Special Advisor on Iran for the Secretary of State, has a book coming out next month that inconveniently takes issue with the Obama Administration’s thesis of “linkage.” “Of all the policy myths that have kept us from making real progress in the Middle East,” Ross writes in a chapter titled “The Mother of All Myths,” “one stands out for its impact and longevity: the idea that if only the Palestinian conflict were solved, all other Middle East conflicts would melt away.”

Trotten then discusses the reasons why this myth is nothing more than a misguided belief that is out of line with the facts on the ground..

Radical Islamists hate Israel and the United States, but they would still cause trouble even if Israel and the United States ceased to exist. The modern Sunni variant of radical Islam began with the rise of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia in the 18th century and has since expanded to six continents. It’s easy enough to de-link this problem from the Arab-Israeli conflict just by looking beyond the Middle East.

And that he does.

Winning Council member Mere Rhetoric also knocks it out of the park with his discussion of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the right to return and the many conspiracies surrounding the conflict.

If Abbas got offered almost all of the West Bank and the right to overrun Israel demographically, and then turned around and refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Jewish State – doesn’t that bode less than well for peace talks?

Turns out, the post-Bush era of elevated anti-Israel expectations is indeed filled with Change:


The Arab and Muslim attitude toward the Jewish State has always been schizophrenic. One the one hand, Arab media peddle outright hallucinations about an all-powerful global Jewish conspiracy. If that doesn’t make the Israelis impossible to resist – and debilitation is always a psychological risk when wallowing in the fever swamp of conspiracy – then certainly it makes the scheming Jews worthy of emulation. Par for the course here is Malaysian PM’s Mahathir Mohamad’s rant.

On the other hand, Islamic anti-Semitism denies that a few million Jews – biologically inferior and divinely cursed as they are – could establish a beachhead in the Muslim world on their own. According to this line of reasoning, only Western assistance keeps the Arab world from overrunning Israel. Take it away and Arab victory becomes a foregone conclusion. On the eve of the Six Day War, Egytian PM Nasser screamed to his troops that “Israel is not supported today by any European power… We are face-to-face with Israel… “ahlan wasahlan,” welcome. We are ready for war: this water is ours.” After the war he was caught on an open line with Jordan’s King Hussein, plotting to lie about how the US Air Force fought side-by-side with the IAF. Rumors of US troops disguised as IDF soldiers pop up regularly among excitable anti-Semites.

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  1. We had a ribbon cutting and dedication to our Chest Pain Center at our local hospital this week. We had a minister lead a prayer, everyone bowed their heads, we prayed to God in Jesus Name, and said Amen at the end of the prayer. We do that in our local schools too. There are a few places left in America where we have this freedom. I’m wondering if you had prayer at the graduations you attended? If you live in a metropolitan area it is very doubtful. It’s very doubtful that the mother or the graduates could have answered your question, “what does Middle East peace mean to you” intelligently. So much for government education.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  2. Yeah, no prayer service. Thankfully they still play the National Anthem and the crowd was great on that. Everyone was singing and applauded wildly at the conclusion at both schools.

    Luckily I live in a conservative enclave of Illinois and the schools for the most part are patriotic and not too liberal in their curriculum. I find that the elementary schools are starting to get a little “greener” now that Obama is in but we have been lucky so far.

    As for the mom I doubt she would have answered it with a cogent response. I make this claim because the mantra of “peace in the Middle East” rarely means peace in Israel. Sad.

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