The NAACP: Joining The Resistance

By: Mike McDaniel    Remember the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People? At one time, the organization actually did some good, serving as a part of the Civil Rights Movement that made necessary change. There can be no doubt the organization has long had communist connections, and has supported affirmative action, reparations, wealth redistribution and other arguably destructive progressive policies. It is a progressive advocacy organization through and through. But arguably, it made some positive accomplishments. Now, after the Age of Obama, it has overtly joined The Resistance, as The NY Times reports:

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  1. Black communities across the United States had not heard one word from the NAACP in at least two decades, up until the day of Barack Obama’s inauguration then suddenly, out they pop to get their share of the pie.

    So now, add another eight years going on nine that the NAACP has not stood for Black Americans.

    Long term members of the NAACP have sold their souls for the dollar making room for the hard left. They will spoon-feed useful idiots the myth about reparations, i.e., the left’s latest redistribution of wealth scheme to keep Blacks in line.

    As with the rest of the grievance industry, this is nothing more than an opportunity to extort millions from corporations and from the government.

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