Neither Trump nor Hillary is Hitler — but Hillary has potential

Slate Magazine is at it again, likening Trump to Hitler. This is a ridiculously stupid argument but to be expected given that the people who write for Slate are ignorant about history and think in cartoonish terms. (And no, I’m not going to dignify the latest Slate article with a link.) Whether looking at personal beliefs, friends and supporters, or politic ideology, the fact is that neither Trump nor Hillary is Hitler — but it so happens that Hillary is a lot further down that road.

Personal Beliefs

Beginning at least with Reagan, the Left has loved to say that it’s irrelevant that the Republican candidate of the day has never, ever been heard saying something antisemitic or demanding violence or discrimination against American citizens on the basis of race, ethnicity, or religion. FDR was the last president to attack an entire class of people on race, as he did when he imprisoned Americans of Japanese descent. Instead, says the Left, Republican candidates are using secret “dog whistle” code that can be heard only by people of ill will.

In fact, Hitler never used dog whistles. He was anything but shy about stating his beliefs. He trumpeted them from every rooftop, beginning with Mein Kampf and continuing with his, and his cohorts’, every utterance about Jews.

To my knowledge, Trump has never said anything antisemitic in his life. When he was still a registered Democrat, he was honored by the black community for his services to and good relationship with that community — something unlikely to have happened had he been going about whistling for racist dogs.

Moreover, contrary to the “Big Lie” Leftist accusation, Trump did not smear Latin Americans qua Latin Americans. What he did say was that illegal immigration — which the Mexican government encourages — is sending a disproportionate number of Mexican criminals to America. Mexico would say the same were we to encourage those Americans who’ve spent time, or who ought to spend time, in San Quentin to head down to Mexico.

Nor did Trump savage all Muslims (a group the Left relentlessly, and wrongly, classifies as a race in order to increase their victim status). Instead, he said what every honest American thinks: When you have a religion that has terrorism as a central doctrine, and your government plans to bring in hundreds of thousands of refugees from a region torn by Islamic religious wars, a sane country puts screening systems in place before admitting those inclined to practice the more violent fundamental tenets of their faith.

Nobody on the Left was bothered in 1980 when Carter imposed a stringent religious test on Iranians trying to enter the U.S. and sought to deport 50,000 Iranian students already in the U.S. And the racist, unconstitutional FDR is still a bright light in the Democrat pantheon.

Things are a bit different when it comes to Hillary. For years, people have come forward with stories of her vicious attacks on Jews, blacks, and the mentally handicapped. Bill’s former girlfriend, Dolly Howe, wrote a book in which she alleged that:

Hillary was heard calling mentally challenged children ‘f*****g ree-tards’ and caught on record blurting out the terms ‘stupid k**e and ‘f***ing Jew b*****d’, while Bill called the Reverend Jesse Jackson a ‘G**damned n****r’.

If that were just one source, it could be discounted, but it’s not. Other sources have reported on Hillary calling Paul Fray a “f***ing Jew bastard,” an accusation Hillary has never challenged or denied.

Politically, despite lip service, Hillary has never been a friend to Israel. Animus to Israel is so often a proxy for anti-Semitism. Beating down on a Jewish state facing genocide reeks of anti-Semitism, after all.

Hillary supporters, while denying that she ever said “f***ing retards” might come back by saying Trump is worse because he mocked a handicapped reporter. The problem with their argument is that Trump did not do that and the video proves it.

If there’s a candidate in this campaign who seems to have a problem with Jews, minorities, and the disabled . . . well, it’s not Trump.

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  1. ~ Jeremiah’s message – Pray your homeland prospers, if it does, you shall also prosper
    People have said both candidates are ‘equal’ or ‘equally’ bad. They aren’t.
    There’s one who intends to do good for the country & one who means it harm.

    Pretend we didn’t know either candidate’s past, we Only know what each would do if elected. According to her private speeches, HC wants a ‘Borderless Hemispheric Common Market.’
    – In other words, an end to a sovereign America –

    Folks– The end of America!
    How could 1 measure all the tears in Heaven from the Patriots who died to preserve their country?
    How do you even begin to calculate the blood spilled over 240ys of US history defending it?
    HC wants to end America & create a super-state combining N & S America!
    Who’d stop her? Our current Yellow-Bellied Lilly-Livered Republicans? Ryan, McConnell et al?
    Scared to be called ‘racist’ if opposed BO, newly scared about being ‘sexist’ for going against HC.

    And a Justice System that Will Not uphold the law and punish criminal activity.

    The US is the Cadillac of the WestHemis. Everyone else is a Yugo. The Yugo drivers would love the wealth redistribution, but what happens to Your standard of living if we combine economies?

    Leftists care about you until you vote. In office they do as they please. Proof? Did they care about PubOpin passing Obacare? Re gender/bathrooms? Opposition to gay marriage? Priority re Climate Change? WallSt Bailouts, illegal immigration, affirmative action, quotas?

    The Left hates the Const’n & circumvent with ExecOrders. A ‘living document’ making it malleable instead of inflexible. It Isn’t playdough! A Leftist SC won’t agree, & will rubber-stamp the Left’s agenda, & let unconst’l ExeOrders stand. We’ll lose 1st & 2nd amends & much more. The next Prez may have 3,4 SC appoints. If it’s HC our kids & theirs will celebrate no tricentenial.

    MrT, warts & all, wants USA 1st. Period. John 8:7 says, ‘Let him who is without sin cast the 1st stone.’ Trump is a sinner, as are we all, but he won’t dismantle the very nation that enriched him.
    – They are not equal –

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