And the newest “marginalized” “victimized” and “triggered” group is…………..

Before I get into the newest “identity” I must share something. I have decided to identify as a rich, young bachelor who lives in a mansion and beds a different beautiful woman nightly, well except on Sundays, when I bed two hot women! Hey it is my identity, so everyone must accept it! Oh did I mention I also identify as an expert chef? A chef so good that Salma Hayek loves to come over and eat my dishes in the nude? Hey haters don’t you dare trigger me! But on a serious note, Campus Reform brings us triggered Fat LGBT folks!

Montclair State University is offering a “weekly discussion group” exclusively for LGBTQ students who are “fat-identified.”

The “Fabulous and Big” discussion group is one of seven groups sponsored by the school’s LGBTQ Center that are explicitly “closed to anyone who does not share the identity of that group.”

Fat-identified? So they do not actually have to be fat? And how does a person “identify” as fat? I am heavy, can I identify as slim and trim? Or would that identity just make me “privileged”. I mean I already am guilty of “White privilege” whatever the Hell that is, so identifying as slim would give me double privilege.

Also note that the members of such “closed groups” are taught to believe they cannot even discuss any issues with anyone who does not share their “identity”. Tolerance? Diversity? Inclusion? The hell you say! In a nation that rightly rejected separate but equal, we are now being pushed to embrace separation and alienation from anyone not in our identity! Not only must we alienate any “others” but we must force them to grovel for not thinking as we do. We must punish their thought crimes.

Further, we are being trained to think of other identities as our enemies, our oppressors. Talk about a toxic ideology. What the Left is spewing in this nation is venomous. And people, in this case college students are ingesting this venom.

But, I digress, back to the fat offended Lesbos, Gays, and trannies. Oh wait, I forgot that is offensive language isn’t it? I am supposed to be more sensitive. Yes of course. But wait! What if being more sensitive “triggers” me? What if it interferes with or mocks my identity? What of the victimization and oppression I would feel? Where oh where is my safe space? See where this nonsense leads?

According to the school’s description, the “Fabulous and Big” discussion group is open to all “LGBTQ+ individuals who describe themselves as bigger-bodied, fat-identified, plus-size, chubby, [or] thick” to “discuss issues relevant to the community, examine intersections of identity, and discuss experiences.”

Similarly, the LGBTQ Center will offer a weekly discussion exclusively for “queer and/or trans people of color” to “explore their identities and the intersections between race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

I have a question, and yes, it is a serious question? How do the Identity Obsessed keep up with all their intersections, orientations, and identities? I mean seriously they are just making this clap trap up as they go aren’t they? It must be hard to keep making up new absurdities which have no bearing in fact.

Perhaps this is why so many young people are attracted to such identity obsession? Perhaps the rhetoric sounds so complicated and “deep” that students are dazzled by the fancy wording? I mean a professor who talks like that must be super smart right? Wrong! The fact is that 99% of the divisive leftist rhetoric, is complete and utter propaganda. Propaganda designed to create a sense of victimization, and a sense of some false identity. An identity that must be all-encompassing and all important. An identity that must be embraced without question or else. In short it is designed to divide us, and to dissuade people to reject the ideas of individualism in favor of group think. Conformity or else!

That, my friends is the endgame here, division. Division steeped in anger, and bitterness. That old expression that goes united we stand, divided we fall? We are seeing it play out, and it does not have a happy ending. That is unless we begin to embrace individualism and reject the tactic of coddling the dividers, bullies, and malcontents.

Photo by kennethkonica