NFL: Bribe players to stand for National Anthem

NFL, Detroit Lions team owner, Martha Firestone Ford introduced to her players a compromise which boils down to, ‘stand for the flag, National Anthem and get paid for it.’

American Thinker by Monica Showalter

So we’re seeing lots of nice standing at attention for the national anthem by National Football League players lately, all full of respect … isn’t that special?

Turns out at least some of them have been bribed to get those pretty television pictures of respect for the U.S. flag.

In the case of the Detroit Lions:

In exchange for finding a different way to protest racial injustices around the country, Ford said she would be willing to donate both money and her name to community issues at the heart of the players’ cause.

“As a team, we came together, talked to Mrs. Ford, the owners, and we understand the issues for the most part, generally,” running back Ameer Abdullah said. “Me personally, I definitely want to be an aid in growing the social awareness in this country, that it is a race problem in this country.

So in other words, the spoiled millionaire brats of the NFL will stand for the flag, but only if they are paid for it[…]

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What is Martha Firestone Ford, owner of the NFL Detroit Lions thinking?

The bottom line for professional athletes of both the NFL and NBA and their team owners is the money.

Ford as well as the athletes regardless of what their talking points may be are acting to protect their financial interests but must first mollify the fans and the advertisers, an action not well-received by Communists whose agenda is contingent upon the race card to fan the flames of anti-Americanism.

I ran across an op-ed in One News Now which suggests that Ford is attempting to fundamentally transform her players into “Sam Jackson ‘Django’ Character” named Stephen.  Stephen is the head house slave.

In other words, a white female billionaire who is supposed to be a Progressive is putting Black athletes in check [my emphasis] by “sowing intra-racial division, whether with money or privilege…” overlooking the fact that these millionaire Black athletes already have both along with a sense of entitlement that existed long before their claim to fame.

…In order to maintain that privilege, some of these Black folks, let’s call them Stephens, have to be willing to sell out their fellow brethren. That is essentially what Martha Firestone Ford, the majority owner of the Detroit Lions, is asking her players to do: sell out Colin Kaepernick‘s protest movement….

We witness the use of these tactics 24/7 from the left when they attack Black Conservatives/Republicans, women and anyone else the left claims to own for rejecting the Communist plantation.

So now Black athletes will find themselves under attack and accused of betraying their oppressed [my emphasis] Black brother, Colin Kaepernick (who knows nothing of oppression and is bi-racial) by those entities who accuse Ford of trying to keep her team players in check.

Pandora’s Box

Millionaire NFL athletes will be encouraged to take a page from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson’s playbook, i.e., ‘you want us to stand for the National Anthem and pretend to be good patriotic Americans, pay us…and it’s going to cost you.’

EXTORTION? Or maybe not. After all, it is NFL team owners who seeking to appease the fans (too late) and to protect their bottom line kicked open this Pandora’s box.

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