No. 30 Bookworm Podcast: Student loans, rapacious nature, and the whistleblower

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My dog and I take on feminized education, student loans, rapacious nature, the whistleblower, Trump hatred on the right, and a media driven mad by dog pix.

My latest podcast is up and running. You can listen to it through the audio embed below, or at LibSyn, or through Apple Podcasts. This podcast discusses:

  1. The horrible feminization of modern thinking.
  2. Politicians who want taxpayers to cover student loans ask us to pay something for nothing.
  3. California’s problems remind us that Nature is much bigger than we are and very rapacious.
  4. The Whistleblower’s staunch Leftism.
  5. Trump’s presidency reveals the two Americas, as well as the fact that once-conservative NeverTrumpers have to move left in their values to justify Trump hatred in our binary political system.
  6. And, as a special bonus, my dog gives his opinion about the media’s hysterics over Trump tweeting out a cute PhotoShop of the hero dog that took down Baghdadi.

Here are links to articles I cite:

Victor Davis Hanson asks if California is becoming premodern.

Paul Sperry’s article revealing the Whistleblower’s probable identity.

Dan Bongino’s podcast about the Whistleblower’s identity.

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