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Very clearly, Christine Blasey Ford lied during her time in the spotlight at Thursday’s Senate confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s a sort of law that when an accuser, under oath, says a thing was done to her by a named fellow “100%”, as Blasey Ford did yesterday, and then that named fellow, Brett Kavanaugh, the accused, also under oath also states, “100%” he did not…

…one of them lied.

Certain laws of nature are involved here, for when a person says something that is clearly not so, as one of these people did, there are only four possible reasons why; 1) mistake 2) lie, 3) ignorance (stupidity), and 4) delusion.

We can rule out stupidity. And delusion, which while a very possible option in a world where possibly a third of the entire adult population is living in a kind of mass delusion about all sorts of realities, and that delusion most likely externally induced, I tend to also rule it out, because evidence…the sort juries are actually allowed to hear and consider, leans heavily toward a series of events long after the alleged date of the sexual assault, that lead to knowing cognitive awareness. Malice aforethought

She lied because, as Brit Hume of Fox News so ineloquently put it, Bret Kavanaugh had more evidence supporting his denial than did Christine Blasey-Ford in adding weight to her accusation.

I haven’t watched Fox News in several months. Any of it. I’m now addicted the space monsters on Comet Network and the Military History Channel. One of the reasons I stopped was that, since the election almost every element of the media, all political establishment insiders, had begun to lead (or follow, one is never sure) the national Democratic Party, in some of the most exotic plots against the Trump Administration and its very right to exist. known to man.

This began on Day One in February, 2017, and has not just continued unabated, but grown to perilous dimensions, including the rise of a new term in the people’s lexicon, “the deep state”.

This Kavanaugh episode is but a side show to that larger conflict, what the British in India called the Great Game, and Henry Gondorf, a Chicago grifter in the 30s, called the Big Con.

Long story short, for various reasons I suppose, while Fox News would never go along with this Game as played by the rest of the media and its partners in crime in government, neither would they just out-of-hand condemn it. Fox might speak of lies by their competition, and a few politicians, but they would never call them out, never crossing the boundary between “lies and damned lies” as Mark Twain so eloquently pointed out in the 19th Century, when those words alone could cause the drawing of pistols..

To call a man out as “damned liar” was once a big deal. And only this past week I urged members of the Republican Party leadership to do that very thing. I suggested the Republicans throw down on the Dems, warning them that if they brought a knife, we’d bring a gun, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).

My prescription was at least partially followed, at least by Sen Lindsay Graham, who said everything to the entitre Democvrat side I wanted Chuck Grassly to say to Diane Feinstein. Lady Di tried to hide under the podium anyway.

Because of this public berating, the Left may retreat back into their caves for awhile but they cannot stay for long because there is an election in little more than  month, and Lindsay Graham’s “damned liar” outburst yesterday will be plastered over local media in virtually ever congressional district.

Which brings us back to the things that weren’t highlighted in this hearing and will probably not be part of the various campaigns.

And that is that Christine Blasey-Ford was arguably, (circumstantial evidence abounds) lying through her teeth and was a willing participant in this campaign.

Brit Hume summed up the feeling at Fox, and likely the entire GOP, that there was a moral equivalency between accuser and accused, and that “Drat the luck!”, that poor girl just couldn’t find sufficient corroboration to back up her claim, while Kavanaugh could.

Poor child, she was just out-lawyered by Kavanaugh.

Ms Blasey-Ford was very good at reading her scripted story, but was unable to fill in key facts, such as how she got to the party or home (she was under-age, so no drivers license). I never heard the razor-sharp counsel ask Blasey-Ford if she had been drinking. (Legal age 18), or how she came to know Brett Kavanaugh in the first place. (He didn’t seem to know her, but Dems were uninterested in pursuing that line of questioning.)

She fumbled on all the little things that would have made her appear an unwitting victim being grabbed up by sinister and cynical forces on the Left. Such as the polygraph and fear of flying. People who have researched this privately have all sorts of little factoids that were never revealed, or apparently, even sought after, that would have portrayed her as a fully on-board conspirator.

She was allowed to present herself as a still-innocent teenaged babe in the woods, when there’s some evidence that she was in fact a member, or member-in-waiting, of one of the party cliques in the school. Although I’ve been aware of the phrase for 35 years, I had never seen a “Valley Girl” film for teens from that period until only this past week. I suggest you reacquaint yourself with the culture for it seems virtually every upper middle class, suburban high school had one, and probably still does.

I can understand why the GOP senators might have decided to leave that larger cultural issue alone, for it would have brought out the full weight of Feminism, Inc on top of their heads. They seemed to have decided to create the perception that Christine Blasey-Ford was as much a victim as Brett Kavanaugh, and the bad guys were the rascally Democrats.

Still, Lindsay Graham fired a warning shot.

It’s a start.

There will be more.

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