NY Times Spreads Fake News: Ivanka Wasn’t Booed in Germany

Pinocchio Lies Lying Liars

By Scott Kirwin

Three days ago the New York Times reported that Ivanka Trump was booed at a conference in Germany when she defended her father. The New York Times reports, “During the panel discussion, which included Ms. Merkel and Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Ms. Trump, 35, relied on a familiar script. President Trump has been “a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive,” she said. That comment prompted some members of the audience to groan and hiss.” The piece then linked to a video of the event.

The only problem? The Germans deny it happened. The German newspaper Bild reports, “At this point, there was some unrest in the audience. There was no booing or heckling at all, however.” The Bild notes the US media completely mischaracterized the event. “The murmuring that could be heard as Ivanka defended her father against criticism was interpreted as massive booing of the President’s daughter. The alleged hostility toward Ivanka during her visit to Berlin was a lead headline at US outlets such as ABC, CNN, and Fox, along with several major newspapers.

The New York Times places a video of the supposed booing at the top of the article, but it’s difficult to hear any boos or hisses in that video. The Times also links to a video hosted at the British newspaper The Independent, and in that video one does hear some murmuring in the audience, but no boos or hisses. Listen to the audio and see if you think the First Daughter was booed and hissed at.

The Germans aren’t the most expressive people so German murmuring may be the equivalent of an Italian shouting match or an American chair-throwing brawl. But still, the New York Times and the American mainstream media gleefully reported Ivanka Trump was booed and hissed at, and the Times and its mainstream media sycophants “relied on a familiar script” to disrespect the president and his daughter.