Obama DOJ Moving Quickly To Quash New Clinton Email Scandal

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Loretta Lynch and the Obama Department of Justice aren’t wasting any time in moving to try and stomp on and defuse the latest Clinton e-mail scandal.

Remember how slo-oow things moved when congress wanted a subpoena complied with or someone like Judicial Watch wanted a response to an FOIA request?

Now things are going to be rushed with lightening speed in an attempt to save the corrupt Mrs. Clinton and her campaign. They may have claimed it took months to go through what was left of Hillary’s emails which totaled out at less than 5% of what they found on Weiner/Huma’s ‘s laptop. But when it comes to the 650,000 emails found on Huma and Weiner’s laptop, hey, different story.

The FBI had already said they planned to make a preliminary assessment of those 650,000 emails within several weeks. But the Obama DOJ is cracking the whip on the Bureau. Now they’re  telling  us with a straight face that the FBI will have a ‘preliminary assessment’ of Weiner’s 650,000 emails ‘within a matter of days!’

And who’s in charge of the ‘investigation’ proves the fix is already in.

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