Finding the real Obama — the Obama wiretapping edition

Morph of Barack Obama and Richard Nixon wiretapping

The evidence points to the Obama administration wiretapping Trump and the best denial Obama’s friends can make is that Obama, personally, did nothing wrong.

A few days ago, I blogged that, we were in completely new territory in America: Barack Obama, the outgoing president, had used his last few months in office to undermine Donald Trump, and duly elected incoming president and, since leaving the White House, has set himself up as a government-in-exile, and in opposition, using Fifth Columnists still within the government to destroy President Trump. I wound up by saying that Obama — the real Obama, not the media creation — needed to be exposed and discredited. And being singularly lacking in imagination myself, I asked how one might go about doing it.

Fate seems to have been hovering over my shoulder when I wrote that post, because Mark Levin may have taken the available evidence, put together the pieces, and revealed a political scandal that makes Richard Nixon’s Watergate look like child’s play — that scandal, after all, was undertaken using rogue elements loosely affiliated with government, while in this case, Obama and flunkies used the instruments of government to spy on an American political adversary:

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