As Obamacare Repeal Dies Again, A Simple Answer

The Republican Party proved again today why Pat Caddell was spot on when he referred to them as ‘The stupid party’ as opposed to the other one which he dubbed ‘The corrupt party.’ Yes, the GOP majority decided that the ObamaCare repeal dies yet again in the Senate, not that it was anything wonderful itself.

These ignorant swine had 8 years – 8 years – to figure out a decent alternative. After all, it’s what they promised us, especially Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan. Give them the majority and they’d repeal it, remember? Instead, the whole process ended up with the same stench as ObamaCare gave out when it was shoved through, with massive bribes, special back door deals and hidden gimmees.

The House bill was actually a little better, because it was a tax cut, not a healthcare bill. The Senate bill was bureaucratic mess. So now that ObamaCare repeal has died once again, everyone’s wondering where we go from here.

That, I have no idea about, but here’s a simple way to get rid of the whole mess.

There’s no reason why the Republican congress couldn’t simply vote for an ObamaCare repeal, right?. They did it in 2015, but didn’t have enough votes to override a veto. Don’t try to fix it, tweak it or rationalize it. Flush it where you usually deposit such waste matter. It’s bankrupting the country, keeping millions of Americans from using their healthcare because of the ridiculous co pays and high premiums. Give it a deadline of say, six months and then end it. Burn a copy of the bill on the White House lawn to celebrate. This, by the way is exactly what President Trump wanted to do from day one. After yesterday’s fiasco, I was sure the Republicans in the Senate and House can manage to scrape up that much testosterone between them.

Nope! When Mitch McConnell put that forward with a bill  for ObamaCare repeal after 7 months of this nonsense, the senate wouldn’t buy it. Three senators immediately said they wouldn’t even vote for an immediate repeal, Susan Collins (R-Me), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV). They’re concerned about the chaos a straight ObamaCare repeal would cause at this point and I agree with them. I’d be very surprised if there weren’t others.

You see, McConnell’s repeal bill keeps ObamaCare in place for two years! If I were a senator I’d vote against it. It’s a cynical ploy to delay things until after the midterms and just what I’d expect out of Mitch McConnell . What he apparently doesn’t realize is that people aren’t going to play kick the football again. Why vote to re-elect people who lie to you repeatedly and do absolutely nothing they told you they’d do? Not only that, but McConnell is assuming the Republicans keep their majority. That’s a big ‘if’ the way I see it…and then, of course, ObamaCare stays.

Actually, crafting a good replacement for ObamaCare shouldn’t be all that difficult. Let’s start from scratch with the sensible notion that outside of Medicare the Veteran’s Administration and basic consumer oversight, there’s very little reason for the federal government to be involved with day to day healthcare insurance. Senator Cruz’s simple amendment (which of course didn’t pass) was a partial recognition of this principle, that people would be allowed to buy whatever policy they wanted as long as an ObamaCare policy was also available.

Leave it to the states to regulate what insurance is sold in their jurisdictions, although the sensible ideal would be to allow consumers to shop across state lines for the best deals. If medicaid grants from the feds are necessary, give each state a block grant based on their population and let them decide how to apply it, for MedicAid or whatever. Of course, if I were writing this bill, I would tie it to the necessity of states receiving such grants agreeing to cooperate with ICE, thus solving one of the major causes of the high cost of healthcare…our problem with illegal migrants. And if you seriously doubt that a lot of illegal migrants are on medicaid and other social welfare programs, just check out what California’s president of the State Senate Kevin De Leon(D-Los Angeles) had to say about the matter.

I’d love to include serious tort reform as well, since predatory lawsuits are the other major factor driving up cost, but try getting a bunch of lawyers in congress to vote for any bill that includes that.

Since a simple  ObamaCare repeal isn’t an option now, the Republicans had better get their heads together and come up with something simple that works and hopefully gets the feds out of day to day healthcare except for the instances I mentioned above. Otherwise, a lot of them who are up for re-election in 2018  are going to lose their seats.

Rob Miller

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