Obama’s Deep State Plant(s) into Trump Campaign was NEVER about Protection.

As the justification for the Mueller investigation continues to crumble, evident surfaces that the Barack Obama’s Deep State plotted against the Trump campaign and later acted to overthrow a sitting American President, Obama’s Deep State goons, in this post, former FBI agent Asha Rangappa are working overtime to cover their sixes and that of her comrades.  Rangappa’s latest Washington Post op-ed of excuses does not hold up.


Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent, argues that the FBI didn’t spy on the Trump campaign (or use an informant, as she delicately puts it) to go after Donald Trump. Rather, it did so to protect him.

Rangappa argues that the FBI should have investigated alleged Russian infiltration of the Trump campaign aggressively and directly, given the gravity of this threat. However, she continues, it elected to investigate quietly through an informant in order to avoid casting public suspicion on the campaign and to thereby avoid injuring Trump.

It’s a creative argument but there are a few problems. First, it assumes, in Rangappa’s words, the “infiltration of a U.S. presidential campaign by a hostile foreign power present[ing] a grave national security threat of the highest order.” But there was no evidence of such infiltration at the time the FBI began spying; nor is there any now, two years and vast of amounts of investigating later[…]

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Asha Rangappa is still in the deep state business (propaganda division) as she can be seen spewing anti-Trump rhetoric on MSNBC and CNN.

Official talking points about Asha Rangappa can be found here.

The bottom line is that Rangappa, like Michael Avenatti, has an agenda.  She is not trolling for the good of the country, far from it.  Like Avenatti, the woman is a hack.  She confirms that our worst suspicions of the elitist Deep State camp.

So what is my point? It is that everyone claiming that the FBI ‘s infiltration of the Trump campaign to protect himn and the silent coup waged against a sitting president is no different than an AntiFa Fascist shouting “Peace trumps hate” while bashing in the head of a Trump supporter.

There is nothing pro-Trump or even pro-America about their agenda.  Communism is anti-American on every level.

Each time a member of the Deep State claims that the FBI planted a spy into the Trump campaign to protect Donald Trump or that Russian collusion by the Trump campaign or even the President did occur:


Each time Adam Schiff, Diana Feinstein, Eric Swawell, Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner, Don Lemon, Anna Navarro or Joy Behar makes some insane claim that there was Russian collusion by the President and/or his members of the Trump campaign:



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