Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala: some random comments about two dangerous women

Ocasio-Cortez Harris

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris: I want to share with you a few thoughts I’ve had about two women who are unaccomplished but still dangerous.

Re Ocasio-Cortez:

1. The woman is a dim bulb, defined by ignorance and inanity.

2. Her low wattage does not make her any less dangerous.

3. She is dangerous because she is a master of the modern medium.

4. She is the living embodiment of Marshall McLuhan’s statement that “the medium is the message.” That she lacks substance, knowledge, wit, logical ability, or any other qualities that matter for governance, is irrelevant; she can communicate in 21st century fashion and that is sufficient to elevate her.

5. If we only ridicule her, we actually enhance her “medium as message” status.

6. We should treat her utterances seriously and, even as we expose each fallacy, nevertheless maintain a respectful tone. (You’ll notice that I’ve long since stopped doing “dumb Ocasio-Cortez” posters in my illustrated editions.) Remember, that she is a dim bulb is irrelevant. She’s a shiny, pretty, bubbly socialist who knows that communication, rather than substance, is currently the only thing that matters.

7. Do not call her “AOC.” It’s easy to type, but it elevates her to “Barbra,” “Bono,” “Cher” or “Hillary” status.” Given her mastery of the medium, Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t need our help.

Re Kamala Harris

1. Tyler O’Neil has an excellent rundown about the substantive problems with Kamala Harris — she is a Leftist who uses state power as a bludgeon against those with whom she disagrees.

2. Local rumor has it that, despite her achievements, she got them the old-fashioned way, not through intelligence and competence but through the casting couch — in this case, the casting couch was the bed of Willie Brown. If you haven’t heard of Brown, he was the first black man to serve in the California legislature, he’s a kingmaker, he’s extraordinarily smart, he has a great deal of charm, and he’s a pure political animal. When he was in his 60s and married, he had an affair with Kamala and handed her all sorts of political sinecures that paid her vast amounts of taxpayer money for doing almost nothing.

3. Kamala is lucky that she had the casting couch and didn’t rely on intelligence and competence because local rumor has something to say about that too: She’s neither very intelligent nor very competent. She’s power-hungry and hard Left.

4. Kamala has all the charm of Elizabeth Warren.

5. Kamala has all the originality of Hillary Clinton. Here’s what Kamala said as part of her announcement that she was throwing her hat in the ring:

It is my full intention to travel this country and sit in living rooms and listen to families and let them express their concerns and their needs. It is about representing all of the people in the country.

Does that sound familiar? If you think you’ve heard it before, you’re correct. Here’s Hillary in 1999, when she ran for Senate in New York:

Hillary Clinton is eager to begin this tour and looks forward to listening to New Yorkers across the state.

And here’s Hillary in 2015, making her second attempt at the White House:

I want people to know that I’m listening, and that I’m accessible, and I’m running a campaign about them. … That’s the kind of campaign I want to run.

At least in Hillary’s case, when it came to the presidency, listening couldn’t compensate for a grating personality and a lack of actual accomplishments.

6. Despite all the negatives, Kamala is dangerous: She’s female and non-white. That in and of itself makes her a front-runner.

The Left’s obsession with identity politics doesn’t favor the other candidates: If they’re female, they’re white; if they’re gay, they’re white; if they’re Biden, they’re old, white, and creepy; and if they’re Hispanic, they’re male. Kamala ticks off two boxes that are extremely important to a political party that has become superficial in a way early 20th century avatars of external qualities — the KKK, the Nazis, eugenicists, those who opposed votes for women, etc. — would fully appreciate.

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