Oh no! Feminist contracts severe case of Offendeditis over beer

Good Freaking Grief!

An award-winning craft beer created and named by a woman is actually “rape culture,” a Fulbright scholar has claimed.

Barb Miller, co-founder of the Anchorage-based Midnight Sun Brewing Co., said she chose the “Panty Peeler” name for her brew to be playful and eye-catching. She describes her brewery as “consensual sex-positive.” And she says her marketing team carefully chose the logo—a naked woman riding a caribou like Lady Godiva—as an empowering image.

“Just because someone’s nude doesn’t mean they want to be raped,” Miller said. “This woman is free-spirited, in control of her body and her situation, and her thing is going out and being adventurous and having fun—and that’s what it should be. Life should be about that.”

But three weeks ago, Nicole Stellon O’Donnell, a writer and current Fulbright recipient, saw the beer’s label and name and took offense.

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Photo by zieak