On Being Human But Not Enslaved





Conservatives want what’s destined for all Humankind.

Conservatives are NOT “racists,” white-supremacists, or selfish, or greedy, or NAZIs, or negative in principle.

…it seems clear that [Rhea] Boyd believes that the big government policies adopted by the Democrat party benefit the entire population, whereas policies enacted by the GOP only benefit whites….


Such lies seem to have been invented—made up, by a propagandist, leftist, media-entertainment cabal. Or by some political clique, or so-called, “humanistic,” faction.

All such factions seemingly ravening for Power and Control, over all Humankind.

Power over you. Over me. Power over all of us.

But We The People—including all true Conservatives—respect that all are created equal.

That all should be equally protected, under law.

That each is entitled to innate individuality. And a host of additional, born rights—as outlined thoroughly and completely in ancient, traditional human works, or written, in brilliant and encompassing Documents of early America.

Provided the individuals or their “rights” neither harm, nor cause harm, to others.

…Reducing populations for social integrity [like ‘Environmentalists’ seem to want] was the specialty of such innovative environmental activists as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mohammed….

—-Daniel Greenfield

We Conservatives, do NOT want to be ruled by any harmful faction or factions dedicated to personal power, influence, violence, wealth, lies, false reality, self-aggrandizement, or, “personality politics.”

That is to say: we do not want to be ruled by socialists, communists, kings, queens, Clerics, enforcers, or by some monumental, “unassailable,” One World “System-Of The Moment.”

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I don’t know of even One of us, who does not want to see an end to poverty, illness, starvation, thirst, persecution, violence, and all other “bad things.”

The only question is: how do we all get there?

The answer–in my opinion–is: we get there through the Imagination and Creativity we were born with; we get there by things we imagine, create, and pursue openly, in Truth, Justice, and a benign Way To Be.

We surround ourselves with concern for all of us. We live lawfully, as outlined in brilliant work by brilliant humans throughout all of human history. We eschew that which does not assure survival, proliferation, and “the pursuit of happiness.”

This leaves out:  power-seekers—such as political factions, agendized individuals, rulers, enforcers, clerics, issuers of “certificates,” and all “Modern” Surveillance-Government.

But, this includes: all of us.

All of Humankind.

Those who seek to fulfill having been born human.

It includes all of us, born human, creative, imaginative, selfless, altruistic, concerned, and equal to all others—under all behavior and all human principles.

So…can we please get started on it? Right now?

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