Your opinion, please, about Trump’s Mika tweet, which riled Progs & GOPers

Trump's Mika tweet

Does Trump’s Mika tweet mean he’s gone too far or has this crazy fox raised a distraction that allows him to take care of other business? Opinions, please.

This morning, Progressives and and stalwart #NeverTrumpers were outraged because of Trump’s Mika tweet:

I think we can accept as given that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski (daughter of the execrable Carter-era anti-Semite Zbigniew Brzezinski, not that her father is her fault), have been having a fine old time with non-stop ugly and aggressive Trump bashing. The question is whether this president or any president should bash right back, in very personal terms.

Two things to think about: First, a lot of Lefties are saying “how dare he treat a woman that way!” This strikes me as being a double-standard. If you don’t like his commenting about someone’s facelift recovery period, you shouldn’t be dragging the person’s sex into the matter.

Second, my feeling is that one of my hard-Left friends may actually have figured out what’s going on: With the Republicans going down in flames on Obamacare (helped by media lies, but that’s another story), Trump has just created a useful, albeit vulgar distraction. The tweet is the vulgarian’s equivalent of “the hand being quicker than the eye.” While the Left and the #NeverTrumper’s obsess about the tweets, I have a feeling Trump is off doing something else entirely.

What say you, my friends?

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  1. Mika and Scarborough have attacked Trump viciously numerous times as well as his wife and children. Mica has said numerous times that the president is mentally unfit for office and should be impeached,among other things.

    Let’s also keep in mind that these two aren’t journalists at all, but far left commentators on MSNBC, which speaks for itself. They have NOTHING to complain about.

    It’s perfectly OK for these people, who see themselves as a ‘privileged class’ to attack, slander, make up stories and lie about people, even attack their wives and children.

    But let someone actually hit back and or point out their blatant bias and lack of ethics and there’s all this wailing about ‘civility.’

    We’ve already seen how the Left’s nonsense has stoked actual violence against people who were simply waiting in line to buy tickets to hear a conservative speaker or practicing for a charity baseball game. They
    have always used Alinksky tactics. It’s wonderful to see them shown up
    as the cowards and bullies they are, and it’s the best way to confront

  2. I agree with you, Rob. Incidentally, while all the establishment people (commentators and GOPers) are having Victorian fainting spells, and the Lefties are saying that he’s proven again that he’s a sexist pig, the comments on my blog are 100% in favor of Trump. Likewise, conservatives I’m friends with on Facebook are cheering him on.

    The general consensus is that Lefties have it coming to them, especially Mika and Joe. Readers are also pointing out that, if you want to talk about lowering the tone, you should look to Chappaquidick, or Monica crawling under the desk, or foul-mouthed felon rappers in the White House.

  3. I agree with all of the above. There is a saying that money does not buy class as proven five mornings a week for the past several months by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

    Mika stated a few months back while viciously assaulting the President integrity that “it’sour job‘ to ‘control exactly what people think.”

    You hit someone, you get it back “ten times harder” as forewarned repeatedly in 2016 by then presidential candidate, Donald Trump who as President Trump hit back with a slap well deserved slap.

    The media for decades have levied repugnant verbal assault campaigns against Republicans especially our presidents who for the most part took it. That was their choice. These are different times and the atmosphere is as chaotic as it is toxic, the President, a fighter, responded. He is human.

    To the media, the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee, NeverTrumpers and cowards in the GOPe – get over it.

    As for Mika, you want to be treated like a lady, act like one but she won’t. Mika and Joe who were beginning a vacation, will instead do a show this morning. You can bet that they stayed up all night preparing for today’s program which they’re expecting to be a ratings buster.

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