Parents were misled about National School Walkout.

How is that parents were in the dark over Wednesday’s National School Walkout which had to do with gun control and let’s not forget, all things anti-Donald Trump?  After all, Progressives have long ago pulled the sheep’s mask from the head of the wolf.

School officials are telling parents the walkout is meant to memorialize the Parkland shooting victims, when in fact it’s about pushing gun control legislation.

The dangling carrot:  National School Walkout.

Progressives have protested for decades on the bodies of the dead and the blood of the wounded.

Thus, it comes as no surprise (or should anyway) that by labeling Wednesday’s “National School Walkout,” Communists and useful idiots (translation: those who join the protest based on a specific set of circumstances only to later find themselves marching for another)  walked over the bodies of students killed, the blood of the wounded and trampled upon the grief of those left behind in the wake of last month’s shooting as Broward County law enforcement stood down in their safe zones as the slaughter unfolded.

Below is an excerpt of the article referenced in the above Fox News segment:

The Federalist by Julie Gunlock

… At my children’s elementary school in Northern Virginia, school officials are telling parents the walkout is meant to memorialize the 17 victims of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Yet, according to the National School Walkout website, the real mission of the walkout is to demand Congress pass more restrictive gun laws. The website specifically states: “Students and allies are organizing the national school walkout to demand Congress pass legislation … Congress must take meaningful action … and pass federal gun reform legislation.”

So, the children walking out of the classroom on March 14th won’t be spending the time in quiet prayer or reflection. Instead, school kids (even those in elementary school) are going to be used as props by professional anti-gun activists to push for specific legislation[…]

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What happened in Parkland, Newtown and other soft targets that have come under attack is nothing more than collateral damage to those who use these tragedies to pursue an agenda that in actuality is non-related.  Just label that latest anti-American protest, i.e., “National School Walkout,” one that would shame parents into allowing their children to be used as propaganda tools.  Notice to parents: Silence is consent.

How about we pull funding or a portion of it to make it painful to those schools that insist on shoving indoctrination and Communism ideology/activism down the throats of our children.

As for the parents who were truly caught off guard, they need only to have visited National School Walkout website prior to the National School Walkout, read it from top to bottom to realize that the National School Walkout was not about the 17 killed in Parkland.  The fact that the Women’s March was behind this protest should have alerted them.

Screenshots below:

ENOUGH: National School Walkout

So how did parents miss that the likes of Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour, the leaders of the Women’s March were involved in this dog and pony show?

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