PM Theresa May Calls For Renewing The UK’s Special Relationship With America

British Prime Minister Theresa May is in America to meet with President Trump and talk over a few things, and took advantage of an invitation to address the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia. The basic theme of her speech was renewing the UK’s special relationship with America. She got an extremely warm reception.

She spoke movingly about the ties  between America and the UK, invoking the close relationship between President Reagan and PM Margaret Thatcher. She recognizes, thank goodness, that this is an American renewal and obviously supports it. I think PM May and President Trump will get along famously.

PM May is obviously excited over Trump’s offer of a separate trade deal now that Britain is leaving the EU.

While I thought the speech was well done, the following items were sour notes:

Her remarks on the Iran deal ‘preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons for at least a decade’ were, shall I say, more than a tad optimistic and far fetched, since it has done nothing of the kind. Deals like this between totalitarian regimes and democratic nations seldom turn out well, and the Iran deal is no exception. Watch and see.

While she did mention ‘radical Islamism’ and she’s obviously no fool on the matter, her remarks on the peaceful nature of ‘ millions of Muslims’ were obsequious and obviously designed to try to placate Muslims in the UK – a significant number of whom are definitely not peaceful.The UK actually has 9 sharia courts Muslims are required to use for family law, with horrendous results for the UK’s Muslim women. You’ll notice her audience didn’t applaud during either of those two segments.

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