Police Advise Cast of Hamilton How to Be Safe

Officer Benjamin Marconi was assassinated while on the job as the cast of Hamilton were publicly boasting how unsafe they felt ever since Donald J. Trump became President-elect.
Harold Lloyd is feeling unsafe in Safety Last, 1923
Harold Lloyd is feeling unsafe in Safety Last, 1923

by Robert J. Avrech

The latest leftist hysteria revolves around the elastic concept of safety.

To be more precise: their safety. According to the Progressive Book of the Apocalypse, various racial and sexual identity groups are under withering attack by the Deplorables who voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

Of course this is nothing but a cynical talking point repeated endlessly in the compliant media in order to delegitimize the Trump election. The sudden unsafety of the elites is a big lie. No one in society lives safer lives than those who abruptly claim to be living in fear. Progressives are protected by virtue of their education, their economic success, their status as members of an elite grievance group.

The latest take on the alleged unsafety of the progressive elite came from the cast of Hamilton, when they boorishly and self-righteously lectured Vice President-elect Mike Spence about their diversity being under attack.

The pampered entertainers feel unsafe.

Almost at the same moment that the Broadway hoofers were publicly and proudly kvetching, four police officers were shot. One of these officers, San Antonio police officer Benjamin Marconi, was fatally shot in the head as he sat in his patrol car writing a traffic ticket.

As far as I know, Benjamin Marconi, nor any of his brother officers, ever stepped forward and publicly complained about feeling unsafe.

I spoke with two police officer friends and asked if they felt unsafe.

Police Officer #1 chuckled: “That’s the job.”

Police Officer #2: “Try making a traffic stop.”

I told the police officers about Hamilton. Neither had ever heard of the play. I filled them in on the cast’s boorish behavior and asked if they had any advice for the unsafe Hamiltons.

Police Officer #1: “Tell ’em to get strapped.”

Police Officer #2: “Buy diapers.”