Post Election Winners – The Era of Change Has Begun

The election of Barack Obama is hardly over and the weasels are already coming out of the closet. The GOP may be the first casualty of the election but it was already on life support before John McCain pretended to be its one last hope.

Sadly, the old stalwarts in the GOP leadership are still hanging around to implement a political version of assisted suicide. The party is riddled with secretive and manipulative Kervorkians that are hell bent of hanging on to power by killing off their own.

Hours after the dust had settled McCain staffers began a whisper campaign against Sarah Palin. A willing media was quick to take the lead and happily disseminate the lies that originated from within even though much of what had been said has since been refuted. Thus the battle to redefine the GOP is shaping up; the stage has been set.

The era of change has begun.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners