Pouring the Kool Aid

Marjorie Margolies(-Mezvinsky) encourages Democrats to drink the Kool Aid.

I feel your pain. Eighteen years ago, I was elected on the coattails of a popular young Democratic president who promised a post-partisan Washington. A year later, with partisan gridlock capturing the Capitol, there was a razor-thin vote on the House floor over legislation that Democrats said would remake the country and Republicans promised would bankrupt it.

I was pressed on all sides: by constituents opposed, my president needing a victory and Republicans promising my demise. I was in the country’s most Republican district represented by a Democrat. I had repeatedly said, “I will not be a ‘read my lips’ candidate,” when asked if I would promise not to raise taxes.

I voted my conscience, and it cost me.

Her message to “wavering Democrats” in one sentence: “I lost my seat, so you should too.” What a thoughtful message from the administration.

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