Pre-school to College it is all about Re-education

IQ Scores

Have you ever wondered why the left wants everyone to go to college, for “free” of course? Ever wondered why the left pushes something called “universal pre-school”? Ever wonder why they want “free pre-school”.  Ever wonder why the bemoan home schooling? Simply put, they would love to basically take over raising, and indoctrinating, your child at about the age of two. Then after twenty years of leftist indoctrination, just imagine how many Special Snowflakes and Social Justice Warriors they can turn out. 

Imagine how many mind-numbed, educated idiots they can produce. More and more ideologically programmed Americans who have no grasp of our history, individual liberties, the rule of law, or American culture. More and more drones who will not even know how to think, much less question the “science” of climate change. More who will accept the tenets of gun control without question. More and more who will be perfectly willing to cede more freedoms in exchange for “safety” “diversity” and of course “equality”. 

What would these “educated” Americans think? They would not, of course. They would just gladly accept the blatherings of their leftist politicians, media, and the elites. Far from critical thinkers, they would react on emotion, and cling to the bumper sticker mentality they will be force-fed from K2 through college. Armed with their education they will be able to simply regurgitate the talking points they have been filled with. Just imagine an America where our history is whitewashed, with all “objectionable” people are removed, along with any “unfit” memorials, songs, flags, and holidays. Imagine millions of mental midgets like this babbling buffoon

Imagine an America where everyone principles like self-defense, parental rights, freedom of speech, religion, and association are replaced with simplistic talking points. Perhaps one day certain leftist “truths” will flow from every mouth.

Guns are bad! People who own guns are bad!

Borders are racist!

You can be any of the 57 genders you wish to be!

Men are Heteronormative sexist predators!

White people are to blame for every ill because privilege!

Pronouns are oppressive!

Hate speech is not free speech!

It takes a village!

Police, and the laws they enforce are inherently racist!

All religions, cultures, and traditions are equal in morality!

Equality! Egalitarianism! Social Justice!

Women are free to live as Feminism dictates!

Inclusion is not possible for certain ideological beliefs!

All are equal, but some are “more equal” than others!

Is that an America you wish to leave for future generations? If not, start pushing back against the left. This is what our education system has been turned into

This must not be our future!