Prepare To Return Fire! Someday…Maybe…If It’s OK With Barack II

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USS Mason

By: Mike McDaniel    On October 14, I posted Prepare To Return Fire! Someday… Maybe… If It’s OK With Barack…, an article that reported on no less than three separate attacks against US warships by missiles fired by the Houthi in Yemen. Fortunately, all missiles either missed or were shot down by the ship’s anti-missile defense systems. However, any such attack is, by any interpretation of international law or common sense, an act of war. The Houthi are mere proxies for the Iranians, who are their sponsors, bosses, and suppliers of their more sophisticated weapons, such as anti-ship missiles.

With the election looming, we tend to forget about such things, but there are a great many places in the world where war could break out at any moment, and our people are still out there with targets painted on their backs and rules of engagement preventing them from protecting themselves as well as they should.

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  1. WHAT’S GOING ON? WAR? False Flag?
    A source inside Russia just sent alarming mess. re NATO moves near Rus border. “Family fears increasing, growing re NATO intents.” -I Recall hacker claiming BO to start war w Rus but disregarded as rediculous. -RusMedia report NATO troops massing near border, forcing Rus to retaliate w defensive troop mvmnts. Rus ForMin claims NATO won’t respond to Rus initiatives resuming cooperation saying, ‘NATO is shying away fr dialogue w Rus.’ ‘Military equip & troops deployed, # of MiltyExers grow, building missiles continues.” -PrincetonRusStudy ProfCohen, ‘Buildup near Rus unprecedented. Largest massing of Hostiles on Rus border since Ger Jn’41.’ D.SecAshCarter coordinating. Asked to explain NATO mobilization said, ‘bc of Putin’s aggression.’ That’s all. This can’t be happening. On eve of election? Or is this a ‘wag the dog’?? What’s Going On Here?

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