President Trump Is 100% Right – The Media’s Feeding Hate And Division

President Trump, whatever else he accomplishes during his term deserves major credit for unmasking our dishonest, partisan media. He’s totally correct when he says, as he does here in Phoenix, that the biased media’s feeding hate and division here in America. And it’s hard not to believe, as President Trump says that they really don’t want America to be great again, and lack love of country. And that’s been evident long before Donald Trump became president.

What really happened here, as most of us know is that the biased media really thought Hillary Clinton was a shoe in. Their biased polls showed it. The Left controls most of academia, Hollywood, the publishing industry, most of the legacy media, most of pop culture, and most of the tech/Social media industry and its billions.

Much of the media actually worked for either the Clintons, Obama or both before they eased into their present sinecures.

Mrs. Clinton had the big money behind her.She had an army of the best consultants money could buy to plan strategy and carpet bomb the American people with vicious attack ads. She had the corrupt DNC in her pocket to grease the primaries so she would win easily. She had the media working fo her to provide partisan hosts and slant the debates. She even had a large contingent of #neverTrump conservatives on her side.

And against her was Donald Trump, running his first campaign ever, with a small campaign team, his plane, and not much else except well, himself.

The Left, especially the media were so convinced that they could destroy him easily, so confident of their own power that they went all out…and got careless. A lot of had already known how biased they were for sometime, but the waythey conducted themselves in 2016 pulled the Wizard of Oz’s curtain away for America at large.

The media bet everything on one throw of the dice, and got snake eyes. Because against all expectations Donald Trump won the election in the biggest upset in American political history.

And the Left had a collective nervous breakdown. What happened on camera was hilarious enough, but I’ve heard that what happened when the cameras were off was even funnier.

Mrs. Clinton was so angry and distraught she threw a major tantrum backstage and wasn’t even able to speak to her followers who were waiting to hear from her. Her campaign manager, John Podesta had to speak to them and tell them to go home. And once Mrs. Clinton calmed down, they came up with the fairy tale of ‘Russian collusion’ to alibi why they lost so badly.

Oddly enough it was Donald Trump who caught the heat before the election for saying that he would respect the results ‘if it was an honest election.’

Remember this?

Did you ever see or hear former President Obama addressing the nation to decry the Left’s disrespect for the 2016 election results? Did you see any of the legacy media excoriating Mrs. Clinton,the Obama Administration and the ‘resistance’ for disrespecting our democracy? Of course not, because the media was intimately involved in that disrespect and they still are complicit in it. And if that’s not de facto hatred of our country, what is?

The bogus ‘Russia story has been off the front pages for almost two weeks now. Instead, it’s ‘trump the racist,’ ‘Trump’s insane,’ and ‘Trumps unfit for office’ repeated over and over and over again in the classic cadence of the Big Lie. President Trump is entirely correct when he says that the media’s feeding hate and division. They couldn’t beat him in the election, so they’ll try the next best thing and attempt to bring his presidency down, no matter how much it hurts the country. They still don’t understand why they lost, or that the American people rejected their ideology.

The huge crowd of over 8,000 (put a few thousand outside who couldn’t get in and braved the heat to listen on monitors) in Phoenix cheering the president on and the tiny contingent of 500 or so ‘protestors’ that showed up after all the hype shows us two things. That Trump hasn’t lost his base and that the only place the Left’s brown shirts can act out is in the solid blue enclaves sympahthetic politicans control…like Charlottesville, Chicago, Berkeley or Los Angeles. Anywhere else, the police are going to be allowed to do their jobs.

Which is of course what happened in Phoenix, which has a Democrat Mayor but one who wasn’t going to let the Left run amuck in his city. Unlike Mayor Signer in Charlottesville, he ordered the police to keep the two groups separated. That angered the Left’s thugs so much that as soon as Trump’s crowd departed, they attacked the police…and got exactly what they deserved.

Phoenix ain’t Chicago,Baltimore or Charlottesville. Not by a long shot.

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