President Trump’s Speech In Missouri Reveals A Master Communicator At Work

President Trump’s speech yesterday in St.Charles, Missouri yesterday that reveals a number of things.

First off, it reveals why the Left in spite of all they can do will never separate him from his base. It frustrates them, because these tactics have always worked before. You see, they despise Trump’s base like they despise the president, and they just don’t understand people they regard as knuckle dragging rubes in flyover country aren’t being fooled this time out.

Part of that of course is that President Trump, meaning no disrespect to him at all, has played the same role Toto did in ‘The Wizard of Oz.’

You see, President Trump pulled the curtain away from the corrupt media and our predatory elite for all to see. Their secret dealings, their outright lies and their treachery were revealed in all their rottenness and foulness for everyone to see who wanted to. No one is fooled anymore unless they willfully decide to be.

Second, President Trump’s speech reveals a master communicator at work; plainspoken, at ease and totally comfortable not just with himself but with the people he’s speaking to. He’s inspiring, humorous(often at his own expense) and without a hint of condescension towards his audience…because it’s obvious he considers himself one of them. It never ceases to amaze me how he can speak to a large group of people like this rather than at them, unlike almost every other political figure.

As I’ve written before, listening to Trump give a speech like this is hardly like listening to a speech at all. It’s almost like he was sitting in your living room talking to you, complete with the back and forth. Just like his rallies, there’s a communion here between President Trump and his audience that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Third, aside from watching a master communicator at work, we are also watching an inspiring leader. President Trump knows how to explain issues to his audience with language that reaches them and inspires them without flowery oratory. Just watch as he explains to his audience exactly what tax reform will mean for them personally, and how the nonsense cooked up by the Left about this being a giveaway to ‘the rich’ is just that. And he goes over the amazing progress this president like no other has made in a mere 10 months, including record growth of 3.3 percent,number we thought we’d never see. And as the president remarks, remember, that was with two major hurricanes in the same quarter.The numbers would have been even better without them.

Here’s the speech. Enjoy.

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